Made in Saratov — the development of technologies of diagnosis and monitoring of continuous welded rail path.

The developed technology allows automated and non-contact, on the basis of the spectral method, the value recorded in the movement of thermal stresses in the rail lashes. The problem is that because of changes in temperature, mechanical stresses in continuously welded rail lashes path can reach critical values, or which results in the release (at higher temperatures), or to break the whip (at lower temperatures). Both leads to disaster. To prevent accidents, it is necessary diagnosis and monitoring of mechanical stress on the stretch with reference to the Ways of Communication and coordinate the release of hazardous thermal stress areas.

  • Release of the way.
  • Release of the way.
  • Break the whip - a catastrophe with the "Nevsky Express".
  • Break the whip — a catastrophe with the "Nevsky Express".

NPP "Inter" search conducted research initiative, developed software and hardware for point registrations thermal stresses in the rails on the stretch. Measurements were carried out on models when the stress in the sample on the rail when the load on the rail until its fracture, as well as the stretch temperature change rail 5 degrees and when the force on the rail, two tons. Successful experiments were carried on the wagon with the registration of a signal and measuring the temperature on the move at the speed of 60 km / h. Designed and for the first time in Russia has been successfully tested as early as 2002 (requires the aggregation of our development for the measurement of clearances

On this problem for more than 20 years without success working VNIIZhT, PIC "Progress", the company "TVEMA" SPC "Infotrans" Samara. According to our information, the competition for the past years have not been able to duplicate our results.

  Volga guide rail acquainted with positive test results and banned us to deal with this research. They explained that the problem is very serious, the world has not yet been solved, and that's when VNIIZhT it decides if and NPP "Inter" will be able to deal with it?

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