Major disasters in China.

Major disasters in China. It is interesting

Many of the most numerous disasters of modern times occurred in China.

China's great earthquake in China January 23, 1556. Underground talk paralyzed almost all of China, killing 830 thousand people, most of whom were killed by landslides of loess caves or under the mudslide. Some areas of China were depopulated by 60%. The number of victims who died from deprivation, disease and the effects of this earthquake is unknown, but it holds the leadership of the earthquake on the number of known victims. His power show surviving ancient walls, sometimes deposited in the soil by 2 meters. Scientists believe that the strength of earthquakes reached a magnitude 8. Chronicler testifies: "In our district Hua happened many misfortunes. Mountains and rivers away from the places and roads were destroyed. In some places the ground suddenly rose and formed a new mountain, but in other places it down, creating a new valley … Huts, official buildings, temples and city walls collapsed in an instant. "

Flooding in 1887 killed 500 thousand was caused flooding over the banks as a result of heavy rains the Yellow River. Flooded area exceeded 75 thousand square kilometers. 500 thousand people died from the floods, how many more have died from its effects, mainly of hunger is unknown — these range from 900 thousand to 2 million people.

And one flood-record happened in China in 1931 — the great Chinese flood, the worst flood in history. This time as a result of the heavy rains came just three banks of the Yangtze River, Yellow River and Huai River. More than 40 million people have been left homeless. The water would not come out for several months, in some places up to six months, which finally destroyed crops and led to famine and disease populations. Largest number of deaths was in Gaoyu, located near the fifth largest lake in China Gaoyu. Dam did not survive the onslaught of water. The torrent swept through the city and the province, killing one morning life of 10 000 people. The biggest gap reached almost 700 m Unfortunately, to save the affected areas was no one — authorities were absorbed by two wars — the Communists of Mao Zedong and with Japan invaded Manchuria. Assistance from other countries, plundered by corrupt officials. As a result, the number of victims has reached a record number — from 3.7 to 4 million

This is not the only major disasters that have occurred in China. In the country on a regular basis earthquakes, floods, typhoons and other disasters, we have listed only the largest. But the most amazing thing is that with all these troubles at all times, China was and remains the most populous country.

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