Man it rain indoors


It happened in 1983 in the state of Pennsylvania. Patrol Bauzhen John and Richard Volbert arrived at the home of Don Decker and found him in a state of trance, his family was in despair, and the inside of the house was raging rain storm that seemed to come from all directions at the same time, a drop of water hovered in the air and "shoot" in all directions.

A day after the incident, they returned to the house, along with the police chief and again experienced a similar incident. The chief gave the order not to interfere with the course of events. But the very next day employees returned here. Ignoring the direct orders of the chief of police, they also brought with them a few colleagues — the police.

Bill Davis was one of them. "I was a police officer 40 years and I've never seen anything like this, ever. Event always had some kind of explanation, when, why and what happened. But not in this case. Nobody could tell what was happening and why," — Bill Davis said the officer.

Lt. David Kinhold, who worked in the prison warder of Monroe County, where Don Decker was placed after the incident, also reported similar events, and even going after them to call the prison chaplain to perform the ritual of exorcism.


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