Marine veteran seeks asylum in Russia

Absolutely incredible by today's situation: American higher education, and who served in the Army sure that the home violated his rights, and asks our country to protect him from persecution in the United States and Europe. Realizing that the FMS at him with a look of suspicion, Patrick Downey decided to first go to the "MK" and tell us more about how he made this decision. Not being able to judge the veracity of the facts set out, we only set out the story told refugee.

Patrick, 43, grew up in the suburbs of New York Irish family. His grandfather worked in the federal structures, engaged in the distribution of ammunition and other supplies left over after the Second World War. My father was in the military, fought in Korea, participated in special operations in Vietnam before and during the war. As is often the case with American families, the young man walked in the footsteps of their ancestors, and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.

— My family history is not only determined the selection of a career, but also helped open the eyes to the methods by which the U.S. government can act — says Downey.

To war, however, did not have to. During one of the exercises Patrick was injured lain for several months in the hospital and was the reserve. In the U.S. army are those who are not able to continue the service because of an injury sustained during her passage, recognized veterans.

The next profession Downey deliberately chose a more peaceful as possible. Went to the land of their ancestors in Ireland and there was an English teacher. In the late 90's came to Russia to work on the teacher contract. Then imbued our country. But in 2003, his contract ended and he has long traveled to Europe, working in schools with cultural missions. And in 2008 it was in Georgia, where he was hired to teach English to children billionaire Boris Ivanishvili.

Among others in Tbilisi Patrick met an American specialist, who worked as an advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vano Merabishvili. A couple of years later, when Downey contract ended and he was again in Ireland, this man came up to him and called for a frank conversation.

— Among other things, he was responsible, for example, the installation of the bugs in the offices of the political opposition — says the teacher. — I do not know, whether he was trying to recruit me, or he just needed to talk. I think he was an employee of the CIA. In particular, the subject told me about what interests associated with the regime of Saakashvili U.S. Republican Party.

According to Downey, the information he was trying to publish in the American press, but was denied. Not only that — he began to receive threats from the Georgian side, which he has documentary evidence. Downey tried to get political asylum in Ireland, but he was expelled from the country.

— My goal — to make public the facts that I know about corruption in the United States. But anyway, I just want to live in the apartment and work in peace — I do not want any trouble. Of course, I know that in Russia, too many problems and the freedom of speech, and corruption. But Russia is not trying at the same time pretending that it is — the only bastion of democracy and a benchmark for the rest of the world.

In the behavior of Mr. Downey bribes that he is fully aware that his actions and ideas seem strange. Talking about his ideas, he apologizes in advance and nothing does not insist — just says that he has proof. It is obvious that in the West it is taken for a madman and do not give even the right to talk about things like "global banking cartel 'and total control of the White House over the media, but that in Russia they say such things without fear, including those on the central channels. I wonder whether our government will go towards Patrick Downey? He has already made an application to the Federal Migration Service to grant political asylum in Russia.


Recall that last year, his U.S. citizenship gave about 1,800 people, in 2008 the figure was only 235.

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