MC-21 aircraft with Russian engines PD-14 meets the requirements of government customers

 "United Engine Corporation" and the Corporation "Irkut" presented government customers aircraft MS-21 with domestic engines of the fifth-generation PD-14.

Presentation of promising family of short-medium range aircraft MS-21 with domestic engines of the fifth-generation PD-14 for government customers — the Ministries of Defense and Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, the Federal Security Service, the Special Flight Unit "Russian" Office of the President of the Russian Federation — held October 30 in the showroom Corporation "Irkut" (Moscow). The significance of the last meeting aircraft manufacturers and potential users of the new type of aircraft due to the fact that, unlike commercial airlines, governments can only serve the customers of those aircraft which are key components (including engines) produced on the territory of our country.


Greeted the participants of the presentation addressed the president of "Corporation" Irkut "Oleg Demchenko. Information on the implementation of the Programme of MS-21, features of the airframe, basic management systems, electronic equipment, interior, as well as the technological preparation of production and after-sales service MS- 21 presented a profile managers "Irkut" corporation.


On the main operating parameters and the ongoing work on a new family of engines fifth generation PD-14 on the basis of unified gas generator assembled the deputy chief designer of "Aircraft Engine" — the chief designer of the PD-14 Igor Maximov. On behalf of the head producer — OJSC "Perm Engine Company", the presentation made by the project manager PD-14 Alex Suchalkina and deputy head of the engines Sergei Polenov. They presented reports on the development of production of PD-14 at the Perm Engine Company in cooperation with leading Russian engine-building enterprises, technological upgrading of enterprises, as well as the organization of after-sales service and maintenance of engines in operation.


As the representatives of government agencies, potential customers MC-21 aircraft with the engines of PD-14, the draft best meets their requirements both in performance and in the degree of localization of production within Russia. Through the use of unified gas generator, a family of advanced engines thrust 8-18 tons, are being developed and will be manufactured in Perm, meets the technical parameters of all models of this type of aircraft. They can also be used in a joint Russian-Indian MTA transport aircraft and aircraft Sukhoy SuperJet increased seating capacity (130 seats), a decision in principle on the production of which has already been taken.

The project manager PD-14 OJSC "Perm Engine Company" Alexei Suchalkina:

By the combined performance in the MS-21 PD-14 engine is not inferior to modern foreign counterparts. A number of used cutting edge technology, such as the hollow fan blades, display technological potential of the engine family's competitive position in the global engine industry (apart from Perm engine, these technologies can be effectively implemented in practice only two producers: companies Rolls Royce and Pratt &Whitney ).


The widespread use of co-operation in the production of PD-14 allows you to use it all the power supply capacity aircraft engine industry in our country. In particular, the hollow fan blades, compressor rotors of high pressure, low pressure turbine, boxes central drive and drives manufactured by JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association" possesses the technology of titanium and aluminum casting and electron-beam welding of large parts, unique, specially created technology Linear friction welding. Production of low-pressure compressor module (CPV), the separation of the case provides "NPO" Saturn "(Rybinsk), who has a hands-on experience in international cooperation in the design, development and mass production for CPV SaM-146 engine. Availability of modern equipment for the manufacture of gears allows extremely accurate FSUE "NPTSG" Salute "(Moscow) to produce the necessary parts of the central drive and drives. Permian of "Star", which has experience in the design and mass production of automatic control systems and components of fuel systems for a variety of aircraft engines, ensures their release and for PD-14.


In this system of co-operation of the production function as separate units (the stator high-pressure compressor, combustor, turbine high and low pressure) and the final assembly, testing, sales and after-sales service are reserved OJSC "Perm Engine Company", which was approved by the lead producer of the only Russian fifth-generation engine for general aviation airplanes. This is optimal thanks to the available and constantly improving technological potential businesses, as well as the presence of a flexible multi-level system for trouble-free engine operation, spent over 20 years of operation of the PS-90A and in no way inferior to the methods of service products of western manufacturers. Already the system is ready to adopt a new product and to ensure its effective operation of the wing, which significantly reduces the risk of operators on the most difficult, initially using a new type of Russian aircraft.


OJSC "Perm Engine Company" — serial manufacturer of gas turbine engines for aircraft and industrial gas turbines for power generation and gas transport.


"PMZ" is a part of "Management Company" United Engine Building Corporation "- 100 -% specialized subsidiary of OJSC" United Industrial Corporation "Oboronprom" for engine assets.


JSC "OPK" Oboronprom " — multi-profile industrial and investment group established in 2002. Included in the GC "Russian Technologies". The main tasks include helicopter (JSC "Helicopters of Russia"), engine (JSC "MC" UEC ").

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