Means turning into nothing



Means turning into nothing
10.11.03, the


On the field, growing sprouts, cabbage is well rounded. The golf drives several KrAZ on the roofs of vans which are located light gray objects, reminiscent of the dome observatory. Soldiers and officers set up something, then returned to the cabin KrAZ and close windows with grills flowery pattern. Included motor vehicle. The first few seconds on the field as if nothing has changed. But in the next 5-6 seconds as smoothly as in animation, fade all the cabbages. The soil of the field turns green: it is spread across the ground is wet slime — former juicy cabbage. Each plant cabbage split into cells and intercellular fluid, ceasing to exist as an independent creature. After another 5-6 seconds left on the ground and mucus: only slightly grew moist soil.
This is not a retelling of the plot of a horror movie, this is the test of the latest Russian weapons. In the field of work installing, even abbreviation of the way — a strict secret. The principle of its action is simple: a combination of subsonic rumble (acoustic waves of very low frequency), and ultrasounds. Infrasound is known to scientists for a long time, destroy the fabric of living things. Ultrasounds give tissues fragility and an increased compliance. Alternated, infra-and ultrasound as a rock the boat until it rolls over — as long as the tissue cells completely lose ligaments between themselves. And then, and do not fall apart on the cellular components.
By and large, the Russian research institute, using the principle of alternation, had only to calculate the combination of frequency and wavelength combinations for the various living beings — plants and animals. And to make them literally to nothing — it radio engineering.
Destroy and turn into nothing in the former Soviet empire over the years since 1917 have learned anywhere else in the world in all its history. The logic, though dumb, and extremely cruel, but is quite clear: there is no sense to fight with anyone, if that someone can just turn into a molecule. Delight any humanitarian in this example can be only one: because of the modern-military issues of power or does not find the money for the total equipment of troops such "toys", or in the face of their particular representatives of stolen and / or sell the constructed set. But this is politics, and it is perhaps too different. And these weapons — not the one the newest development!


On the face of impossible number 19/2003. P.Laptinov 


















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