Medvedev government is acting in the interests of the oligarchs

Because of his resignation and the establishment of the government is now the most urgent task

Medvedev government is acting in the interests of the oligarchs

The government, taking place in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the executive branch executes and implements a specific political strategy. But at the current time, this strategy is not defined. Country at the crossroads.

Moreover, the strategy is not just blurred, but the totality of contradictory official strategies and concepts, decrees, speeches and practice of presidential power is now possible to derive any sort of strategy. This means that the current government is not responsible for the realization of the objectives of accurate and has the ability to carry out its hidden, shadowy and anonymous policy of not being responsible for the result.

The government of Dmitry Medvedev in the plan with clearly serves the interests of the oligarchy towards privatization of the remaining municipal assets for their realization foreign capital. And this political strategy is not only probable, not to mention its murderous consequences for the country — even more so in the situation of the crisis effectively.

It's time to really run across an open government, not in terms of abstract "transparency" (transparent) and "wide" and a clear representation of the goals and objectives of the Government and device implementation. From the hidden and not responsible to anyone anonymous authority backroom agreements and holiday get-togethers, we just have to move towards open to the public to present their plans and timing services understandable to all verifiable results individually responsible power.

On this day, three are obvious political positions between which should make choices and to transform technology into a new capacity to act government. For convenience, we denote these positions as conditional "party."

First party — the oligarchic. Its purpose — to establish a dictatorship oligarchy, planted in the Kremlin's own Pinochet, so as soon as possible and dispose of debit balances of the country and not to give them entirely superfluous (from their perspective) and do not deserve accessories population. The Government Medvedev on the fact that specifically caters to the oligarchic party, on its own anti-Russian class-stratovoy essence oligarchy. Because actual customers of the Government Medvedev Russian Federation are inside Chubais and Voloshin, who organized another seven bankers, the council of seven of the few recognizable serving oligarchs and their officials.

This is the party oligarchy is the organizer of the Swamp — the "white" subversive revolution. That is why the Government Medvedev should be immediately dismissed, and his class support politically disengaged.

Second party — the bureaucratic. It ripened all the past 12 years as a reaction to the rise of the oligarchs officials in the 1990s and to the true time is ready to put his own government of rejecting "liberalism" and the Washington Consensus admins, which will return the country's intervention in the economy ("dirigisme") and increase the number of public sector — though still not fall down the cost of oil.

The basic method of the life and reproduction of these 2-parties is rassredotachivanie cash social wealth and absolute "natural" (in terms of the class nature of) the inability to create a public property and the latest price.

Both parties a method of getting the price — "Take all well and divide."

Another outstanding example of service to this cult is yesterday's offer of United Russia (and they are right now and oligarchic and bureaucratic party) to enter the program from "Antivaucher," ie, to "unite all the property in the state property and inherited from the Russian Union and city shares of "Gazprom" and Rosneft in a single fund, the right to receive dividends from which to take advantage of those born in the Russian Union up to a certain period, for example, to January 1, 1991. " To create anything at all it is not even collected.

More than revealing that yesterday, the president of the Russian Federation on the eve of the APEC summit in Vladivostok own dream shared with members of the Asia-Pacific Trade Union Network International Confederation of Free Trade Unions: "I'd love to, that we have fulfilled our task — it is very basic: the creation of 25 million new jobs. "

This statement is the most accurate with what is happening in the country.

First promise to "create up to 2025 25,000,000 new jobs," Mr Putin was given 18 months back, that is the true time is should not read about 25 million such sites, and only about 24 million, but Vladimir Vladimirovich rights. For now, the number of those in power, and cash flows, there is no one who would be able to do a year at least 10,000 new jobs, and at the stated rate must be set at an average of 1.5-2 million per year! For the 25 million jobs fantasized "entrepreneur" Boris Titov, recently appointed to the same federal commissioner for protection of business will be to promise to continue to own 25 million permanent form. The apotheosis will promise in 2025 to make the same permanent and sacred 25 million new jobs.

That's why the party oligarchy, and the party fundamentally bureaucratic guardians shall be removed from the creation of its Russian technological base and express their industrial maximum potency as a "screwdriver" industries. Not the case, along with a "screwdriver" auto industry from large stands now progressing, and (on a nightmare!) "Screwdriver" aviation industry.

At the same time, the real price in the world in our time, if you do not want to work hands billion, coming only from the creation of new technologies and their transfer and replication. Ownership of the technology and the ability to create real capital is now and the power of global powers. That is the real source of the latest prices — unique fundamental technology — the first with 2 parties left out of the country and outside the Russian operation systems, and even in the event of heavy construction of new plants in foreign countries include financial and organizational cycles following the inevitable outflow of capital from the Russian Federation over the limit.

Third party — party development. The main task of the party — to organize the transition from distribution and parasitic model to model creation, that is, setting now on stream of global production of favorite technologies that will claim rates for Russian fundamental science, the explosive rise of all aspects of construction and development of the society.

Customer party development is emerging before our eyes a fundamentally new class of development, which includes the best group of experts from business, defense, teaching, health, science, industry, regional government, also is the best young people who are not interested in any anti-state belolentochniki or bureaucratic droids, but are willing and able to see at a global level and above, the act of technological pioneers .
Other political positions in the country is not in the coming years will not be.

Of course, government oligarchy, if you give it a go for the inevitable neoliberal pinochetizmu, eat up and finish off the country, promoting the destructive revolution-coup.

But government
bureaucrats also not an option. After all, the counter-revolutionary in its nature is more destructive than revolutionary, and the Counter-Reformation and of the bureaucratic counter-revolution or tea stability nor CALLS upon the evolutionary will not and can not be. The failure of the Government to create and guardians of the country will inevitably lead to destabilization and collapse. On the other hand, without a revolutionary in terms of purification and creative breakthroughs stability is also not hold.

Because there is no choice. In the situation of an impending global economic disaster should bet on the government of which is determined by the presence of a plan that once would have been like crisis management, and plan a breakthrough, ie, crisis plan development. In this case, the plan must be less than three years, that at the peak of the crisis away from disaster, and so once again not to send people back to the distant future is unattainable, unrealistic, and for which there is nobody to ask. Because three-year development needs — a plan for 2013-2015. considering that the peak will be in crisis 2014.

In this regard the Government should be put three creative tasks.

First problem: a forced start-date of industrialization and in regions of a network of about 100 clusters of industrial development, which, according to the concept of a cluster will create a world of favorite products and provide strategic employment and encouraging settlement with a cheap, readily available, and with all this haytekovym housing for young people.

Second problem: start creating the latest Russian technology base through a company in the country the system of production of favorite basic technologies, Russian machine tool and forms of organization of work and rearing frame support technological sovereignty of the country.

Obviously, this should be done in close collaboration with leading global manufacturers and technology holders, with the broadest borrowing some technology and professionals, but only for the establishment of its unique technology base on the basis of our basic science and technological tradition and a puzzle organizations transition to the seventh technological life .

Third problem: holding the latest industrialization and urban development in the post-Soviet space, as in all areas, small towns and districts of the Russian Federation, and in the majority of new independent states, which have to jump into a single plan.

Implementation of 3-mentioned problem, obviously, should be provided engineering and management personnel. Under these tasks must be created brand new structure of the government, which would not having breaking the administrative machine, dramatically changed the focus and effectiveness of the federal administrative machinery.

In addition to law enforcement agencies, should be three main locomotive of the ministry.
1st — The Ministry of Technology and defense industry and industrialization: the headquarters of a technological breakthrough in which, together with the Russian Academy of Sciences should make the Council on the organization of the industry transition to the new technological order. This flagship ministry should organize the creation of core technology on all fronts Russian and global development, defined by me as seven revolutions, demographic, urban planning, industrial technology, energy, anthropological, reintegration and post-Soviet Far East.

Ministry of Technology and defense industry and industrialization should be to introduce the practice of a new strategic plan (State Planning Committee to address the latest generation), and motivated to produce emission of securities or bonds in order to stimulate the development of new technologies.

Second — the Air Ministry as a system for the country, including the aviation industry, aviation and civilian control of air space in general, and other regional business aviation. On its own functions and in respect to the first ministry should fix it through the effects of aviation activities and to provide technological and social reproduction of the country, mass consuming the results of technological breakthroughs.

Third — the ministry of investment in the rise of urban areas and small towns, the function of which is to verbovanii and concentration of all the resources of the federal Center for development any and all areas of the country and the resettlement of Moscow.

Under the government of development is also advisable to do some special development agencies and companies, first federal agency orders and agreements that will bring order in the solicitation activity through the introduction of the federal contracting system, and four government companies of macro-regions: Company of the Far East, Central Asia Development Company, Company of Dagestan and Stavropol Krai and the Company of Black Earth.

In order to organize the advanced development of the Far East of the Russian Federation government should be located on the dipole principle once in Moscow and Svobodny near the Amur region, which will be made with the possibilities of raising the Far East, a special unit of government — Spare youth government.

Open work of the government to engage all available experts and professionals in the procedure for the adoption and implementation of solutions will be provided by the federal government television and radio channels.

The Government of development — very heavy, was not feasible in the case of the situation feral lack of capable personnel and the corresponding lack of the country in the last 25 years (a quarter century!) Experience of creation and authoring, knocked out of the stories of one or two generations.

But the development of such a government actually needs to be done by October.

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