Mental disorder among the leaders of the United States begins to disturb the neighbors

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez criticized U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for "reckless" remarks against Russia and China on the Syrian issue.

Last week, Clinton urged all member countries of the so-called "Friends of Syria" in Paris to put pressure on Russia and China, which, in its view, block the settlement of the Syrian conflict.

"We saw a threat from the Secretary of State, Mrs. against Russia and China, supposedly they will have to pay dearly if they do not do what they are asked. Do you understand? This is already evident, open madness on the part of those who consider themselves masters of the world "- Chavez said at a news conference in Caracas.

According to Chavez, Clinton must think first of all, how to solve the problems of their country. "The problems in the U.S. is enough, but they (the U.S. authorities) want to make (in Syria), the same as they did in Libya," — said the Venezuelan president

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