Message from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly

Vladimir Putin announced the yearly Russian Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly.

At a ceremony held at the St. George Hall of the Great Kremlin Palace, was attended by members of the Federation Council, deputies of the State Duma, members of the Government, the leaders of the Constitutional, Supreme and Supreme Arbitration Courts, regional governors, chairmen of regional legislative assemblies, the head of ordinary confessions, public figures, leaders of a huge media .


VLADIMIR PUTIN: Pochetaemye citizens of the Russian Federation!

Pochetaemye members of the Federation Council, deputies of the State Duma!

Yet only recently, almost a few months back, you know, I own a pre-election articles, and then in May decrees carefully laid out our position and our plans for the near and medium term. This applies to all areas of our work, our lives and the economy, and social and domestic policy and international affairs, and security issues. In these documents in detail from time to time with the figures with the terms set out our plans. Some of them have already begun to be implemented, for example, an increase in teachers' salaries, some other stuff. For all other positions formed the necessary regulatory framework. Work started. And I wish to assure all people in the country, that it will last, all that is scheduled to be necessarily performed. Accordingly, the Commission, which was created specifically to be kept under the control of the job.

And of course, now, with her first post-election of the President of the Federal Assembly, I will not vorachivatsya these to our plans, what is more, even read about significant adjustments so far, although some of the things I say all the same.

Who would wish the brakes on some fundamentally questions of our movement forward, while fundamentally not only in the medium, and long-term, for real and for the future of the Russian Federation on the basic issues of disposition for each of us.

For the first 12 years of the new century produced a lot. Big step on the importance of restoration and strengthening of the country traversed. At this point, our task — to make a rich and prosperous Russia. With all of this wish that we all clearly understood that the coming years will be crucial, and maybe even a turning point, not only for us, but in fact to the whole world, which entering an era of radical change, and maybe even shocks.

Global development is becoming more and more uneven. Matures ground for new conflicts, economic, geopolitical, ethnic character. Evolving competitiveness for resources. In this case, I wish to assure you pochetaemye colleagues and highlight: not only for metals, oil and gas, and first for human resources, for the mind. Who will break forth, and who is an outsider, and inevitably will lose their independence, will depend not only on the economic potential, but first the will of every civilization, from its internal energy as read Lev Gumilev, from passionarity the opportunity to move forward and to changes.

For the population of advanced countries, and of many developing countries, has become the usual steady increase in consumption, the expansion of topical and cultural talents. It's good. But to ensure the continuation of such growth in the modern world can only exit to the new technological order, but with this in almost all parts of the world delay. A country that fails to break one of the founders of new innovative technologies, not just doomed to a state of dependence. Shred the global "pie", which will get its companies, the residents of these states will be much less than that of the favorites. Look at how income is distributed now between those countries that create a mental product, and those who collect the final product. There is a fraction of 15 percent and 75-80.

In the world of the XXI century against the background of the latest balance of economic, civilizational, military Our home should be a sovereign and powerful state. We should not just to confidently develop, and maintain its national and spiritual identity, not to lose ourselves as a civilization. Be and remain Russia. (Rukopleskaniya.)

After a 70-year period of Russian nationals in Russia have gone through the necessary and natural step recovery significance of their own personal interests. This is completely normal. But the work of each onto itself has its limits, has its limits. You can not achieve prosperity, if the threshold of your house, ruin, disorder and insecurity. You can not live the house without helping slabenkim not responsible for expanding the boundaries of his own family or a group or association of prof. Who is aware of this, more and more people in our country. Is becoming civilian activity. People are beginning to relate their life, their work of caring for the others, with the aspirations of the people and the interests of the country.

We meet with you today, December 12, a day the Constitution. And wanted to say about the sense of values that are inherent in the basic law of our country. The Constitution of the nation-wide responsibility for their country in front of current and future generations is proclaimed as the basic principle of Russian statehood. Specifically in civilian responsibility, patriotism see consolidating the base of our policy. (Rukopleskaniya.)

Being a patriot means not only with reverence and love to treat their own stories, although, of course, is a very fundamental and first to serve the community and the country. How to read Solzhenitsyn: "Patriotism — a sense of organic, natural. And it can not remain a society where not understood by the mufti and the country does not exist, especially multinational, where responsibility is lost nationwide." Notable words, the nail on the head.

Responsibility for the country is not formed mottos and slogans, and when behold the people that the government is transparent, accessible and very "sticks" in the name of the country, town, region, town and every citizen, takes into account public opinion. Power should not be an isolated caste. But in this case there is a strong moral basis for the creation, for the approval of order and freedom, morality and civilian solidarity, justice and truth, aiming for the national consciousness.

What does the sovereignty of in the twenty-first century? We often talk a lot, and now this. First, sufficient and own resources of the country are not in order to create at all. Now already in the world no one lives, and I think that no one will never live like that will not happen. Our home should not simply keep its geopolitical relevance — it must multiply her, she must need our neighbors and partners. It is crucial for us, I wish to highlight it. This applies to our economy, culture, science and education. That goes for our diplomacy, in particular the possibility to build collective actions in the international arena. And of course, last but not least it is for our military power, which is the guarantor of the security and independence of Russia.

Against the backdrop of conflicting processes in the world, the interests of civilization require decisive action. We need to be fixed in advance only, exclusively in the future.

Pochetaemye colleagues!

In only during the 1st century XX Our homeland has gone through two world wars and civilians, through the Revolution, two times experienced catastrophe collapse of one country. In our country a couple of times radically changed the whole system of living arrangement. As a result, first XXI century, we are faced with a true demographic catastrophe and value, with the demographic reality and value crisis. And if civilization is not able to protect themselves and reproduce, if it loses its current guidelines and standards, and it does not need external enemy, and so all fall apart on its own.

Already read about this many times, I wish to re-allocate. To our homeland was a sovereign and strong, we should have more and we need to be better in morals, in competence, work, work. Now fraction of young, active, able-bodied population of the Russian Federation from 20 to 40 years — one of the biggest in the developed countries of the world. But after 20 years the number of such age group could be reduced by half, if nothing is done, this trend will continue. Or specifically for the moment we will be able to discover these generations-to-date perspective, to work for the good, exciting work, do business, acquire housing, creating a huge and strong family, to educate a lot of kids to be happy in their own country or in a few decades, our home reincarnated as a poor, hopelessly old-age (in the literal sense of the word) and the inability to maintain their independence and even their country terrain.

Demographic utilities that adopted in the past decade, thank God, are working. The population of the country not only has stabilized, and began to grow. In January-September of this year, it has grown by more than 200 thousand people. With all of this for the first time in the recent history of our country five months in a row, we are consolidating the natural increase of the population birth rate eventually became the superior mortality. (Rukopleskaniya.)

Now life expectancy in Russia in the last four years has increased almost 2.5 years (this is a good indicator), and over 70 years of age. But the death rate, we are still very high, especially among middle-aged men. Together, we must overcome, frankly, irresponsible attitude of society in a healthy lifestyle. Along with the development of health care more attention should be paid to conserve health. Naturally, this does not mean that we will become the least attention relate to improved medical care, increase its accessibility — not at all. But the only action in the field of medicine is not enough. The Government should introduce programs from replacing seats with harmful criteria of labor, increase safety on the roads. Only smoking (we know about it with you fine and repeat many times already), alcoholism, drug addiction in advance carry hundreds of thousands of lives of our people once a year.

An important trend — the development of physical culture and sports, especially among young people. After all, specifically in order to entice people to play sports to engage in physical education and sport has become fashionable, prestigious business, we organize in our country naikrupneyshie international competitions. But this puzzle, puzzle sport and physical education, mass sports, can not be solved only by holding international sporting events, and even the growth of hours physical education in schools and universities. We need new forms of work, a wide range of not only sports, and recreational activities for the kids first, I wish to highlight it, for the children of younger age. Specifically, in this age, as we know, my whole life laid habits and interests, and they need to be formed.

I consider it necessary to support the idea of the creation of associations of student sports clubs. This organization is designed to not only promote the development of university sports, and become, in a certain sense, social lift for professional, purposeful and active youth. With all of this I think the principal, that the organization was generally out of politics, has joined voedinyzhdy youth with a variety of political views.

We have launched a programm of domestic capital in the birth of the second child. It works, and works well, will act as foreseen by the end of 2016. All obligations we have, of course, on this program there will follow in full.

I wish to stress again: The program will last until 2016, in other words, all the second birth or family, in which was born the second child until 2016, will have up to, as foreseen by the law, the parent capital and other benefits. This does not mean that I wish at this time to push women to the birth of the second child. Our ladies know themselves when and what they need to do. But to inform the people you and I must, as well as the need to contemplate on what to do with the applets after 2016. Already since 2013, we will begin the payment of additional allowances for the third and following babies in those regions of the country, where the demographic situation is worse than the national average.

Of subjects of the Federation have 50. Most of them are concentrated in the Central, North-Western, Volga and Far Eastern federal surroundings.

In addition, remember the heads of all the constituents of the need for the creation and implementation of their own programs of regional demographic development. Demographers say that the choice in favor of a second baby — this is a possible choice in favor of a third. In principle, that the family made such a step. And, despite the doubts of some professionals (and I treat them with respect), I am convinced, that the norm in Russia all the same to become a family with 3 kids. But that it was so, it is necessary to do almost everything.

Need to make the right conditions for the ladies first, that they were not afraid that the birth of the second and the next baby will deny them the path to a career, to a decent job, limited only to force the household. What we started to do (decision prepyadstviya queues in kindergartens, the program Prof. retraining for women with children, support for flexible forms of employment) will directly influence the choice of the family in favor of the second and third child.

Increased attention should be paid to pre-schools, including private institutions to support the creation of this kind. Many of the barriers to their development, the Government has already eliminated. Please just end this clearing in the first half of next year, and the regions please make heavy use of the emerging powers. It is necessary in the end to give people work normally open all home-based, ungraded kindergarten, extended day or group, and the means to provide parents with a choice of pre-school without the queues and hassle.

I am convinced that we have a unique opportunity in the coming decade, fundamentally solve another long-standing problem of the Russian — housing. I think this question is more fundamental for the Government of Russian Federation, as well as for the control regions of Russia. In the first step of the national project "Shelter" was able to make the conditions for the development of the mortgage. The volume of mortgage loans grows in the last two years by 40-50 percent a year. This is a good indicator, but, frankly, and it's you and I also know perfectly mortgages are the main people with above-average incomes. Other citizens, it is not yet on the pockets.

Because at the moment, on the new step is to go to solve the housing problem for the broader categories of people: young families, professionals, social services, doctors, teachers, scientists, engineers, and take measures to increase the input of affordable housing economy class, to substantially improve the ability of rental housing. In some regions are already pilot projects on the basis of which practiced various forms of support to the market rental housing. Such housing must be accessible to the working person.

We also emphasize that in 2013-2014 we are one hundred percent will fulfill our commitment to provide housing for servicemen and veterans and will advance significantly in solving the problems of resettlement of emergency housing. In the coming years of such houses in the new apartments have to move all the citizens who are recognized on January 1, 2012 in need of better housing criteria in relation to the emergency condition of their homes.

We put the puzzle in 2020 to modernize and 25 million jobs. This is a very basic and difficult task, but we can solve it. We can assist people to find a good and exciting job. Specifically, high-quality jobs will be the engine of growth in wages and welfare. This is the main direction of our strike has been called. We need to revive the engineering school and the training of personnel. In general for the working man must focus more sharply.

I instruct the Government to create a two-year term and introduce a national system of assessment of property prof education.

Separately, I wish to say about the social sphere. For spices, working there, stuck a state-owned definition of "state employees." It is, but the people who have the highest education qualification, the content of their own labor, on the cultural needs of social activity they are part of the so-called creative class. Creative class, and if you use a common word, the intelligentsia — is first doctors, teachers, university teachers, workers of science, culture, and these people work in every region, in every village, in every town. At the same time, the level of income they are still not up to the middle class, are obliged to deny themselves and in the normal rest, up to date comfort and a professor of development, are constantly additional earnings.

Long years the government underpaid this spice, just did not have the ability, at first because we had to solve other severe, acute prepyadstviya, such as, for example, the increase in pensions as retirees were even more worse, often just beyond poverty.

At the moment, we can dramatically change the situation in the social sectors. I do this carefully laid out their proposals and in the decrees, which I mentioned in the pre-election articles. In the May decrees defined characteristics of increase in salaries for each category of workers in these areas. Governors ask the federal and regional governments to mobilize all resources for the implementation of the tasks, and not just because it's our campaign and my campaign promises, although it is, of course, very fundamentally — all promise to do, but it's too far, not only only this. The fact is that if we do this puzzle, the solution will provide a descent of several major problems.

In 1-x, will significantly improve the quality of health and education due to the fact that they would come strong new master. A current employees of these areas will have the opportunity to focus on core work, improve their skills, to abandon the additional earnings and overtime. Related to this is our hope for the eradication of such phenomena as domestic corruption, indifference to its obligations, all that is now so offended and hurt people.

In-2, significantly, by a quarter, to grow the number of people who hold economic power of middle class. It will be more noticeable in the regions. We will support the revival of the provincial intelligentsia, which has always been Professor and moral support of.

B-3, a new impetus to the development of society receive medical professor, professors, scientists, cultural workers. Such societies should be the core of a functioning and active civilian society. Fundamentally in principle, that the society has been able to impartially assess the state of the social sphere and science.

I ask the Government, together with the Administration of the President until April next year to form a proposal to establish a system of public monitoring of the properties of medicine, education, scientific results, the demand for cultural institutions. It is necessary to involve the experts first, and to see the best international experience.

I stress, incorrect to program from staff development, as usual increase wages on the principle that all the sisters on earrings, in other words, all equally, without regard to the qualifications and the actual contribution of each employee. Every organization (honey, educational, scientific) should be formed its own programm development and renewal of staff.

In this context, this is what I wish to say pochetaemye colleagues. All of us (I do not know of one who would be against) talking about the need for restructuring in various industries, but as the restructuring begins, starts moaning throughout Russia majestic: and you can not touch it, and this should not be approached. But from this we need to go, get rid of it. If you are aware of what to do, what to do, but at the same time you need to do with the brain. Here I can not agree with those who believe that such work should be carried out in a constant dialogue with Prof. societies must always explain their policies. I'm also control the media, leading journalists pay more attention to reaching reforms in these areas — an important national task.

I am convinced that increasing wages will be enticed in education, health, science, strong graduates. In fact, we have already litsezreem beginning of this process. So, for the past three years, universities have become favorites of honey on the average score of USE, and ahead of economists and lawyers. This year, there was a significant turning point in the set on teaching profession. Significantly increased the number of professional, well-achievers students who came to the pedagogical universities.

Pochetaemye colleagues on the streets of our cities and towns we litsezreem now the results of what was happening in the state, in the community, at school, in the media, well, in our heads in the past, in the past 15-20 years. This is understandable. Then were pushed all the ideological stamps old age. But, unfortunately, at the same time had been lost and many of the moral guidelines. We are, in a sense with the dirty water and splashed the baby. Now it is manifest indifference to public affairs is often, ready to put up with the corruption, shameless greed and manifestations of extremism and insulting behavior. And sometimes it gets ugly, brutal, causing mold, I will say more — makes the risk of lasting society, security, and of the integrity of Russia.

You see, pochetaemye colleagues, it pains me to read about it now, but I have to say about it should. Now Russian society has obvious lack of spiritual scrapie — mercy, compassion, sympathy to each other, support and mutual aid — a lack that always, at all times of the historical make us stronger, stronger than we have always been proud of.

We should fully support the universities, which are common carriers of values and historically justified its ability to transfer them from generation to generation. The law can protect morality, and must do so, but the law can not establish morality. Samples of the country to invade the sphere of beliefs and attitudes of people — this is, of course, a manifestation of totalitarianism. This is completely unacceptable for us. We are not going to go that way. We must act not by bans and restrictions, and to strengthen the strong spiritual and moral basis of society. That's why determining the value obtained matters of general education, culture, youth policy. These areas — this is not a set of services, and first place for the formation of moral and harmonious person responsible citizen of Russia. (Rukopleskaniya.)

It must be admitted pochetaemye friends, the impact of the school on the formation of children and adolescents in recent years has weakened. She appeared strong contenders: Web, electric media. Sami ancestors and pupils are now more demanding, and the school must keep pace with and for their students, and for the development of society, and for the flow of information, and in the good to be in front, ahead of it all. The school must be returned undeniable value. This means to update the content of education, while preserving all of this, obviously, our traditions and dignity, such as, say, a basic mathematical education, do not forget about the tremendous value of the property teaching the Russian language, history, literature, ethics and secular foundations of conventional religions. These items special role: they are forms the personality. From being a student experiences a professional, passionate, experienced teachers, nearly all depends on the formation of identity, the fate of the young man.

The education system should be built around a strong, gifted teacher. Such personnel should be selected by the particles conserve and maintain them. School is not just a set of transfers of knowledge. I think you will agree with me that a high-quality education without education is unrealistic. I ask the Government to prepare the development of this program from the school educational component, and at first it must be up to date.

Need to develop a system of technical and artistic creativity, open circles, sections, summer sports camps, special educational hiking trails for kids. All of this should be available to every child, regardless of place of residence or the real situation of the family. (Rukopleskaniya.) I draw your attention (I mention: "The Government, the Government") — but this field of activity, and we all know it very well — it is flat regions of the Russian Federation responsible. But the Government, of course, is to keep these issues under control.

We need to rely on the wealth of Russian culture. Our homeland belonged and belongs to the countries that not only forms the his their cultural agenda, and affect the entire world civilization. Municipal policy in this area should be aimed at addressing pressing issues of public tasks. We need to know and right to respond to requests of modern society, and especially young people, to strengthen the traditions of the peoples of Russia.

Our citizens who have attained outstanding results in creativity, work, business, sports, charity, must be known to the public and maintained by the state.

Now in Russia many people who selflessly implement public welfare projects. Reborn stroyotryadovskoe movement. I consider fundamental to support such voluntary initiatives. And lately thoroughly talk about this at a meeting with representatives of voluntary organizations.

Pochetaemye friends!

For the revival of the state of consciousness, we need to link the historical era and come back to the realization of the common truth that our home did not begin in 1917 or even in 1991, we have a single, unbroken, thousand-year history, with an emphasis on which we find the inner strength and the meaning of national development. (Rukopleskaniya.)

Completed in 2012, declared the Year of Russian history. But the attention to Russian history, educational and scientific projects should not weaken. Look forward to active not long ago re-established Russian Historical Society, also Russian military historical society and already running a couple of years of the Geographical Society of.

Special word of thanks to soldiers search teams, which are reduced for the country and for the family names of the characters, honorably interred in the ground remains of the fallen soldier majestically Russian, caring for military memorials. (Rukopleskaniya.)

At our meetings with members of search teams we talk about the how to save a fundamentally historical memory Ratna Fatherland. Is it fair that we have so far no-one worthy of a national monument to the heroes of the First World War? Our forefathers called it the majestic war, but it has been unfairly is forgotten, almost on a number of political, ideological judgments removed from our historical memory and of history. The morale of the armed forces, meanwhile, keeps on traditions, a living connection with history, with examples of courage and sacrifice of heroes. I believe that the Russian army should be revived in the names of more famous regiments, military units, of past eras, and Russian, and more than later periods, such units as the Transfiguration, Semenov regiment. Secretary of Defense should to make appropriate proposals. (Rukopleskaniya.)

We have to save a unique experience that was passed to us by our forefathers. Our homeland has evolved over the centuries as a multinational government (initially it was), the state-civilization, sealed Russian people, Russian language and Russian culture, which for all of us family that unite us and do not give it to dissolve in a diverse world.

For the planet we are, regardless of our ethnicity, were and are one people. I remember one of their own meetings with veterans. There were people of different nationalities and Tatars, Ukrainians, Georgians and Russian, obviously. One of the veterans, not the Russian people by nationality, he said: "In the world we are one people, we are Russian." So it was during the war, it was always so. (Rukopleskaniya.)

We have a tremendous attention and not with respect to small concern, and should be, and will treat every ethnic group, to every people in Russian Federation. In our abundance has always been and is our pride and our strength. (Rukopleskaniya.)

But we must not forget that at least some of nationalism and chauvinism great cause direct harm to the people first and the ethnic group, whose interests are concerned Tipo and nationalists. And why it is so unsafe for RF any manifestation of "ordinary and final" so called "solutions" offered by the nationalists and extremists of various stripes and color scheme. Whatever the sonorous words they uttered no, they pull us to the public degradation, pulling the country to collapse. Samples encourage ethnic tensions, religious intolerance, we must regard as a challenge to the unity of the Russian country as a danger to all of us. We will not allow emergence in Russia of closed ethnic enclaves with their own informal jurisdiction, living out of a legal and cultural fields of the country, with a call to ignore the established rules, laws and regulations.

I appeal to the heads of the republics of the Russian Federation, to the governors, mayors of large cities. This is your first task. Work must be with the people to work every day, you need to build the job and make it effective.

Our home needs an influx of new forces. Certainly. Needs a smart, educated, hard-working people who do not just want to earn some money and then leave, and wish to move, Based in Russia and Russia believe their own homeland. But the current rules do not contribute to this process. Faster, on the contrary. The process of obtaining citizenship for our citizens, for those who are culturally and spiritually close to the Russian Federation, and is difficult to excesses bureaucratized. But to import skilled labor, including illegal, quite easily.

I charge a rapid procedure for granting Russian citizenship to our compatriots, Russian media language and Russian culture, the direct descendants of those who were born in the Russian Empire and Russian Union. (Rukopleskaniya.) Those who wish to move to the continued residence in this country and, therefore, to abandon its own current citizenship.

Ever consider reasonable and necessary to toughen penalties for illegal immigration, for violations of the registration records. Appropriate amendments are already in the State Duma. I ask members to adopt these laws.

I bring another offer. We have up to now there is a practice in which citizens selected CIS countries enter into the Russian Federation in their internal passports. It's been a long time in order to all the countries of the CIS emerged as such. Indeed, in such criteria when entering the citizens of other states on internal passports, to ensure effective immigration control virtually impossible. I believe that no later than 2015 arrival in Russia should be allowed only on foreign rather than internal passports of other countries.

Ask the appropriate authorities to take the matter with our staff in the Commonwealth. Do not have anyone to create problems. As needed to provide them with assistance and support, including financial and techno. We are talking about the usual preparation of the respective forms. We need to do because it is done by many neighbors and strategic partners in the world. Necessary and at the technical level to contribute, if necessary, and even financially assist — just give money.

With all of this in the framework of the Customs Union, and one economic space will, of course, the old act, the current regimes, very lightweight rules crossing the border and the presence on the territory of states — members of the Customs Union, and one economic space.

In matters of immigration policy only principled role of public institutions. In this regard, I think the right to expand the capacity of the national-cultural autonomies, including providing them economical grants to implement programs for the legal, social and cultural integration of migrants. By the way, in almost all countries of such experience indicates its effectiveness.

Also instruct the Government to submit proposals for the implementation of distance education in the Russian language. It should be available for young people of the Commonwealth, for our fellow citizens of the world. Principally to support the school in the CIS and in other states, which lead to the teaching of the Russian language, including support for teachers, help with textbooks, the real base. Necessary to make the system of international school competitions in the Russian language. Their favorites and winners should be allowed to enroll in the leading universities of the country.

And in general, pochetaemye colleagues, referring, of course, first to those who work in this field, high quality education in the Russian language should be given the global nature. In general, the focus should be on how to extend the presence of in the global human, informational, and cultural space.

Pochetaemye colleagues!

For the Russian Federation, there can be no other political choice, not counting democracy. With all this I wish to say and even highlight: we share specific universal democratic principles adopted in the world. But Russian democracy — is the power of specifically Russian people to their own traditions of national governments, and not the implementation of the standards imposed upon us from outside. Democracy — it is including the observance and respect received any applicable law, rules and regulations. May change the ruling party, government, presidents, but should not be affected base of the country and society, interrupted the continuity of the state, reviewed issues of sovereignty, the rights and freedoms of the people. Democracy — it is an opportunity not only to choose the power, and that power is constantly kept under control, to assess the results of its work. We should pay more attention to the development of direct democracy, the particular democracy, including the question of the right of national legislative initiatives, I have read about it, you know, when the idea received support plain clothes, including the Web, of mandatory consideration in Parliament.

In addition, I believe the correct empower members of the Federation Council and State Duma deputies, the right of legislative initiative in its own Legislative Assembly of the Federation. Meanwhile we will strengthen the relationship of the federal legislation with the life of the regions and of the legislator as such.

Political competitiveness — is undeniable benefit to the country. For all this we need to form a kind of set of rules of fair political competition.

On that I would like in this connection to draw attention?

First. Unity, integrity and sovereignty of the Russian Federation are indisputable. Any manifestations of separatism and nationalism should be completely excluded from the political agenda.

2nd. Direct or indirect external interference in our internal political processes is unacceptable. Activist, who for soybeans political activity receives funds from abroad and that probably serves the national interests of others, can not be a politician in the Russian Federation.

The third. Criminals, there can be no place in politics. This should be the norm of political practices of all political forces.

Immediately want a bad break. Naturally, at this point to say "But we are not supposed to, and so prevent crime in politics." Not necessary, but it still creeps in there, and he is pulled back immediately behind the ears, and such does not have to be.

4th. Civilized dialogue is likely only to those political forces that push the same way civilized, prove and define their requirements, defend them under the law. Configuration, the modernization of the political system are natural and even necessary, but to pay, I've read about it, the thirst for change for the destruction of the country is unacceptable. The whole history of our country, the whole history of the Russian Federation just yelling about it.

5th. The government must and will seek to ensure equal access for all political parties to the media disk imaging, and not just during election campaigns, and in the current life. But you should be aware pochetaemye colleagues that this is a difficult task. First, we had seven parties, at the moment they are, I think, 48, but also organized more than 200 organizing committees and are working on creating their own parties. Yet the state authorities should seek to ensure that all were put on an equal footing. Many political parties and experts offer to return to a mixed system of elections to the Municipal Duma — to party lists and single-member districts, which, of course, still need to be found. I agree with that, let's go.

Some they say, and to restore the right role in the election of electoral blocs. Let's think about this question separately. He asks for detailed discussion, consideration and discussion. I am convinced that all of this is in a position to make our political system more fair, open and competitive. And it will be a response to a society the influx of new favorites in politics, the power, and the brightest people-independent.

Pochetaemye colleagues!

For Russia the peculiar tradition of a strong country. Because the state is now specifically addressed major public inquiries: provide a guarantee civilian rights and justice, to reduce the level of violence and social inequality, to clean up the utilities and so on.

All obvious and major problems, nothing new here, too, do not tell — is the low efficiency of state power and corruption. Without high-quality, modern public administration, without the highest individual responsibility of those who do it, we do not solve problems facing society and the state.

The principal for the new model of public administration should be further principles.

First. The orientation of all parts and levels of government gosmehanizma on measurable, transparent and understandable to the public summary of the work.

2nd. The widespread adoption of new forms and methods of control. The main aspect of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the authorities providing services to citizens and social institutions should be public opinion, world view of the people themselves.

The third. Adequate motivation of municipal urban employees: Competitive pay their labor, the system of moral, material, career incentives to encourage continuous improvement in the work of the state apparatus. With all of this needs to be drastically increased individual responsibility, right up to the time of disqualification.

This means that an unscrupulous bureaucrat may only should be removed from his position, but he should be banned for some time engaged in this activity.

4th. Naturally, with all of all of this we must assume that we always criticize the bureaucracy, though I wish to note that the vast majority of people who work in different structures, these people are decent and responsible. This is a special responsibility for those who take up a number of legal, ethical responsibilities and limitations. This is also not be forgotten. But if he chose public service, he should be ready for these restrictions to public control, to fulfill specific requirements, as is the case in virtually all countries of the world. What confidence can be a bureaucrat or politician who says, sounding word for the good of, and the means, the money, tries to take abroad?

I ask to support legislative proposals to limit the rights of public officials and politicians on zabugornye accounts, stocks and shares. (Rukopleskaniya.) Wait applaud. Maybe not for you all enjoy it even. (Laughter in the hall.) This requirement shall apply to all officials taking major decisions: the first persons of the country, and the Government, and the Presidential Administration, and their close relatives. This, of course, should also apply to members of the Federation Council and State Duma deputies.

As for real estate abroad, it in any case in accordance with the law should be declared as a bureaucrat should report about the price, and the origin of revenues that have allowed him to make the deal.

5th. Special attention asks supervisory control system. In these structures, we have taken, by various estimates, it is still about a million people. This is actually the same as, say, we have doctors or teachers.

I instruct the Government to submit proposals to change the very mechanisms of control bodies. Control — it is, of course, an important feature of the country. But not acceptable when the performance indicators of the supervisory bodies is not the result, but simply the number of checks, the traditional cane system. (Rukopleskaniya.)

You must enter the public reporting enforcement authorities about the results of the checks as a buck for their conduct of monetary and human resources, and will be seen at once, what is worth checking, and generally we need it to be.

We will continue coming, of course, to the corruption that is destroying the state of development of the resource. With all this I wish to highlight: none business structure should not take advantage of the benefits from the proximity to the executive, legislative or judicial authority, with at least some level. (Rukopleskaniya.)

In this regard, first. Along with control over income and assets we control over expenditure and large acquisitions officials, managers of state companies, and their immediate families. With all of this I note that the prosecutor's office has now received the right to apply to the court with the demand to withdraw the property, which was acquired as a result of unjustified enrichment.

Further. I think that the level of remuneration of organizations, which are financed by the budget, must be tied to the quality of the organization and to the average salary of key personnel. We have discussed it many times already voices. When run across a few years back to the latest payment system, first there was much debate whether to introduce the principles of mandatory or rather limited techniques. But here's some techniques have written it up: in some institutions executives receive many times more than the average staff. This is incorrect! And this situation must change.

The third. True "culture zone" to become public procurement corruption. I ask the parliament to speed up the enactment of the federal contracting system. In this important and necessary audit of the budget expenditure, procurement, country and state-owned companies, as public reporting on the progress and results of the implementation of government contracts.

4th. Severe features does the Chamber. We expect from this institution even greater efficiency and professionalism. The ruling party, and of the parliamentary opposition should have the right to nominate candidates for the post of chairman and deputy auditors. With all of this would be true, bearing in mind the peculiarities of this type of activity, to limit their tenure with 2 periods in a row.

5th. A necessary condition for the effectiveness of the fight against corruption — an active civilian role, effective public control. Many citizens are now on their own initiative at the level of municipalities are building a system of public control, including in housing and communal services. This is the spirit of the people we have to support. Most recently read as on the subject at a meeting with the trustees, who accomplished the day before.

Large role in this, and the media. With all this media themselves (we are well aware of it) that operate in the market criteria, should not be put up for sale and to trade objectivity own disk imaging, and should be managed in the interests of their own work first of all society, the highest moral principles. (Rukopleskaniya.)

I stress that the moral authority of the country — is a basic condition for the development of. And therefore the policy of purification and renewal of power will be held firmly and turn. (Rukopleskaniya.)

Pochetaemye colleagues!

We can not be satisfied with the current situation where the Russian budget, the social sphere is practically at the mercy of financial and commodity markets in other countries. One-sided raw materials economy, did not we once has it not just vulnerable to external shocks. Most importantly, it does not ensure the development of human capacity and demand is not able to give most of our people the opportunity to find the use of their forces, talents, labor, education and means, by definition, creates inequality. And finally exhausted reserve resource model, whereas the interests of RF require a yearly growth of more than 5.6 per cent of GDP in the coming decade.

I'm fine with all this, I give myself to report pochetaemye colleagues, those realities in which we live, I know the calculations and forecasts of Economic Development. Yet, fundamentally put and seek to resolve this specific tasks.

Real change in the structure of the economy, the creation of new leadership and returned to normal industrial sectors, the development of small and medium-sized businesses — these are the main issues. I am convinced that at the center of the latest model of growth should be financial freedom, private property and competition, the modern market economy, rather than municipal capitalism.

Our businessmen are often accused of being unpatriotic. Talk of the town became an offshore temper Russian economy. Experts call this phenomenon a flight from the jurisdiction. By some estimates, nine of the 10 significant transactions entered into by large Russian companies, including, by the way, state-owned companies are not governed by Russian law. We need a whole system of measures to deoffshorizatsii our economy. I instruct the Government to make appropriate overarching proposals on this issue.

Necessary to achieve transparency offshore, disclosure of the tax disk imaging, as do many countries in the process of negotiations with offshore zones and the signing of the respective agreements. All this can and should be done. But if the choice of the jurisdiction issue is resolved in favor of another law, it must, of course, recognize that we should correct its own deficiencies in the judicial system, law-making, in practice the implementation of laws. Honestly recognizing this, we can radically change the situation. We need to do regular work on streamlining legislation, with all this once and for all abandon the presumption of guilt of the business, from the slope of the indictment in the law enforcement and judicial practice.

Should be excluded from the system of law, all the clues that allow you to turn the economic debate in the settling of accounts with the custom of criminal cases.

I wish to thank the members of the State Duma and Federation Council members to work on a package of amendments that establish order in this area. So, there is a prohibition on criminal charges without the victim's statements for a variety of economic structures, seriously increase the responsibility of law enforcement officials for fraud.

More recently, the need to make a special legal framework for administrative proceedings. We are with the President of the Supreme Court on this subject a couple of times read as carefully. Necessary to form the courts judicial structures that allow people disputes with authorities at all levels — an important task, which we have not yet solved. Additional protection of the rights of the people will be an opportunity to file class actions, actions in the interests of the general public, or claims on behalf of public organizations. I beg to accelerate the introduction of corresponding amendments to the civilian Procedure.

And another important point. Modern law, in particular the financial and corporate, is very specific. In this respect, I propose to work with partners (do not even work out and finish it, because it is practically already started, but we need to finish it) the development of the Arbitration Court of the Customs Union, which could become the leading independent authority to review the monetary and other disputes. In general, you need to prepare a set of measures for the development of arbitration in Russia, with the abolition of a brand new level.

I wish to stress again: the best way to do business patriotic — to provide effective safeguards to protect the facilities and performance of contracts, do a pretty Russian yurispundentsiyu.

The government itself should show an example of Russian jurisdiction, choosing specifically Russian site for the municipal resources for privatization deals. Privatization, which the Government wants to spend, need not have anything to do, by the way, with the practice of the 90s, with the unfortunate collateral auctions. It would be privatization, based on fair, open sale of state property at fair, real value. Quality privatization pochetaemye colleagues — is not only the flow of funds in the budget. This is the first issue of public confidence in the actions of the country, is the emergence of a truly legitimate, pochetaemogo owner. I ask it to remember all the representatives of the Government, who are responsible for carrying out the privatization process.

Business needs to work on its own success, and the country has to bear the professional, intelligent organizers, sponsors and the Patriots, as they did in the old days in Russia. It was then, and only then, can be the consolidation of a wide public respect for the entrepreneurial class.

Let me remind you, together with the business community, we have begun implementation of the state of entrepreneurship. According to estimates of professionals occurrence of in the twenty states with the best business climate will allow us to add more than 2.5 percent to the current growth of GDP, with the additional growth will be first in the non-primary sector, small and medium business.

An important factor in economic recovery — the quality of the regional management teams. We are currently members of the Federation is that no oil and no gas, and you know this very well, once a year provide GRP growth of more than 10 percent. Incidentally, this is the real answer is in the first case, and in the 2nd, to those who believe that we have only limited growth of 4 percent. So, please, go and likely increase to the four still 2-2.5 percent. That's for you 5 percent and 6 percent growth.

We need a cheap and "longish" funds for lending to the economy, the forthcoming reduction of inflation, competitive bank rates. I ask the Government and the Central Bank loaf on mechanisms to solve such problems. I know perfectly well that I will make an objection and utter some experts that the provision "longish" means — it is not task of the Central Bank that "longish" means — a cluster of people, companies, pension funds and so on. Yes, this is perfectly understandable. But it is also clear that in the United States Federal Reserve, in Evrotsentrobanke in some other central banks directly recorded in the charters of the duty of these structures to think about jobs and ensuring the growth rate of the economy.

At the moment, do not call anything revise our legislation, just pointing out that we should all be concerned about the major issues of the country. Our national clusters should operate in the country and in the country, but as long as the Fund is the state of well-being did not actually put in development. We agreed (I remember this very well, and agree with this) that after the Emergency Fund will exceed 7 percent of GDP, we can send half of the income above this level in the Russian economy, priemuschestvenno in infrastructure projects.

But now the likely adjustments to our previous agreements, which I said at the beginning. At the end of the year Emergency Fund and the state of well-being together will total about 9 percent of GDP, and is defined airbag we have formed. Because since 2013 after the creation of the respective management structures suggest part of the Fund of state welfare, for a start it could be the amount of up to $ 100 billion. rubles (some estimate that more than $ 100 billion. rubles), you have to invest in Russian securities. They should be linked to the implementation of infrastructure projects. With this now agree, and government experts. Therefore I urge the Finance Ministry to work out such a scheme. In principle, that such projects have been payback for themselves by themselves.

Very fundamental condition (and pay attention to it) — essentially, that they were paid back and gave a steady guaranteed income, but did not achieve constant replenishment of FNB or from the federal budget.

Task of economic restructuring should be subordinated to the tax system. We will trigger investment and development, shifting the fiscal emphasis on consumption, including excise products and expensive real estate.

Now almost all countries of the world, yes, actually speaking, and we have constantly, one way or another, come back to this issue — namely, the issue of income tax. I've read about it, you see my point of view, we can not yet renounce the so-called flat rate. Progressivka, like she did not look outside of social justice, but that it will not provide justice. On the contrary, it will be a burden for millions of middle-income people. If you start to take it where it leads, you make sure and it will be. And, apart from anything else, what else will? Will tax evasion, and the shortfall in the budget, the treasury of the respective amounts of money from this tax. A is — there will be any shortcomings on the financing of the army, pensions and economical spheres. That's for you and social justice. Because act in this field should be very neatly. But here's what you can do, what I think needs to be done, and that is true — so it is to impose a so-called prestige, conspicuous consumption surtaxes.

I remind the Government of the need in the first half of 2013 to implement a fundamentally solutions adopted by the so-referred to as the tax on luxuries, including luxury properties and, like it was not hard on expensive cars, even if it is new.

For high-quality renovation needed conscientious competitiveness of the economy. I instruct the Government as part of the entrepreneurial initiative by the state to adopt a "road map" for the implementation of competition and begin to implement it in the next year.

Why do I think this is necessary Make sure all major fronts? At the moment, more on this stop. Since it is very well know how the debate. It is usually sporadic nature — talked about something fundamental, consulted, left the office and forgotten, but the question you get stuck. We need clear guidelines, we need a document that could track and monitor its implementation. Please do not forget it and will certainly do so.

The core of our economic policy should be competitive all of the major reasons of doing business in Russia — from the available tax credits and incentives to comfort administrative procedures and low inflation. This is actually a direct way for a renewal of the economy, to the care dependency on raw materials, as profitable are 10's of thousands of new projects — in the processing of raw materials, machine building, light and heavy industry, the service sector, small and medium business, and of course , in the land sector.

A few words about him. The demand for food grows rapidly in the world, especially in developing countries. And the share of, as you know, have more than half of the lush lands of the planet — 55 percent. In the coming four to five years, we must fully ensure its independence on all major types of food, and then our homeland should be naikrupneyshim global provider of product supply. This opens up vast new powers.

We also need to pay close attention to environmental issues, environmental rehabilitation of territories. Practically speaking, according to some, you know, we have already begun to work, for example, on the Arctic.

Our landmark — this is the highest environmental standards development.

To upgrade the industry, for the development of science and technology, we want to fully use the unparalleled resources allocated to defense procurement and modernization of the military-industrial complex. Access to these facilities through the implementation of related orders will receive virtually all industry Russian economy. We need to strengthen its position in space, nuclear energy, to revive the basic industries: aviation, shipbuilding, instrument, of course, based on the latest, on the new level, based on the latest technology. We have begun to rebuild their State power industry, including the active participation of private capital. I think we should prepare a "road map" of the development of new industries, by analogy with the "road map" to improve vkladyvatelnogo climate, it is including the rare earth metals and composites, biotechnology and genetic engineering, IT-technologies, new urbanism, engineering and industrial design.

Currently finalizing a long-term prognosis of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation until 2030. There are certain directions as to lift the traditional sectors, and for a breakthrough in the market of high technologies, and to work on defense technologies of the future of the day will be created a special fund promising research projects.

Pochetaemye colleagues!

A direct consequence of the commodity economy — it's imbalances territorial development, labor market, social sphere. Now look for a job with a decent salary can usually be exclusively in the capital or raw areas, get a quality education and medical care in several large cities. And move here to work, to school, to heal, to youth here, but other regions are losing active people willing to work and be useful. The command time — a decisive step towards the decentralization of development, brand new geography of economic growth and the labor market, new industries and new centers of industry, science and education, brand new, modern social environment in all Russian regions, cities, towns, including barrier-free environment for people with disabilities abilities. At the moment, the difference in income regions is very high. You understand perfectly, in 10 of them going more than half of all revenues. Need to turn around to the fact that all Russian regions, without exception, become economically self-reliant and in the full sense of the word subjectivity. Because we need a little change the logic of intergovernmental relations. Let the Finance Ministry is not frightened by these words.

Need to establish and strengthen the economic base of the territories to help those who work in the field. As immediate steps to the city level will be given the bulk of the taxes from small businesses, which currently operates in the criteria of special tax regimes. In addition, many federal benefits are canceled on the property tax and land entities. These funds will also flow into the regional and local budgets.

Together with the fact pochetaemye colleagues, at this point turn first to the government, you know what I'm saying at the moment: we will deprive our benefits, for example, infrastructure companies, infrastructure monopolies. This means that they will have to pay more. But not everyone is ready to start paying the new media, as we were then able to completely deprive them vkladyvatelnyh abilities. We will make arrangements with you before, that will provide Myagenko transition period and compensation for these companies. Certainly on this need to think about. With kondachka such decisions are not made, but to move in this direction, of course, necessary, and we will do it.

I also believe that in order to strengthen its tax base in the regions need to give them the right to go to the taxation of fixed assets on the basis of land prices, while starting from 2014. But it must be a self-selected regions, and for all that is to be completed all the work on the assessment of real estate and reconciliation of data about their owners.

I wish to highlight, we need to deeply discuss all the nuances of the equilibrium spatial development of the country, including education. It would be correct to ensure that priority support received by those universities who work in the regions, working with businesses naikrupneyshimi regions, together with them promote research and development, whose graduates already during their studies their future with the place where they live and study.

Specifically, in the universities should open up more places additional budget, the government should support the development of such programs when universities. With all of this fundamentally fundamentally, that in the management of such institutions took part in their financing and business. All this, apart from the rest, will end the practice when significant resources are spent on training in Moscow and St. Petersburg students who are not even going to get to work on the acquired specialty.

We need a kind of vkladyvatelnaya RF card, you need to give investors a clear signal to any profitable areas, it is wiser to work to create these or other production and on what kind of support the country's business can and can count lately. Using our competitive advantage, it is necessary to provoke the migration of production from other regions in Russia, as for example, that we do in the automobile industry. Only yesterday met with the manager of one of the largest global companies in this field.

It is in this direction we are moving, the more so that the accession of Russia to the WTO allows positioning of production in Russia, aimed not only to our market, and for export. In the XXI century, the vector of development of — a development to the east. Siberia and the Far East — it is our enormous potential of this still Lomonosov read. And at this point we should all realize. This is an opportunity to take its rightful place in the Asia-Pacific region, the most energetic, busy developing region of the world.

Not so long ago, the Presidium of the State Council, we read as carefully about certain steps to stimulate economic growth in the Far East and Trans-Baikal region. At the moment, I will not repeat all of what we have agreed. We agreed on the development of life here pretty criterion. The government until the end of the first quarter of next year should be examined in detail the proposed measures, including tax breaks for the so-called start-ups (new companies), plans to develop energy, infrastructure and so on. Be sure to do this, pochetaemye colleagues. Most careful ask to make of it.

In addition, I ask the Government to submit proposals to the promising development of the Kaliningrad region, much less that the law on special economic zone in 2016, commits its effect.

We need a real breakthrough in the construction of roads. To the next decade must be at least double the amount of road construction. Here, too, there is a different account, but this account demand doubling is absolutely correct.

An important value of development — a regional aviation, and maritime ports, the Northern Sea Route, BAM, Transsiberian, other transit corridors. About all that's necessary not only to think, over all this is necessary to aggressively work. We need to ensure, in the full sense of the transport connectivity, the unity of the entire Russian countryside.

Pochetaemye friends!

The main feature of the modern era is that no one alone can not solve global prepyadstviya in the economy and in politics. In fact it has always been, including in the 90's. While it was once not so long ago, 10 years ago back, maybe someone thought that the world has become unipolar. Some of my former colleagues as I know and voice then. Now so no one thinks.

For all fully understood that the world has appreciated in their own particular multipolarity. This makes both dangerous and abilities. Dangers will prevail in this case one will conduct its their game if they are not discarded ghostly calculations that chaos can be controlled (You see, there's even a theory.) And [the danger does not prevail,] if no one will wreak havoc on this.

Our homeland supports the principles of coherent, collective efforts in solving the problems of today. This line is absolutely aligned with current realities. We want to offer projects to unite countries and regions. The experience and the realities of the past 20 years, the conventional wisdom puts everything in its place. And naturally, that the enthusiasm for integration in America (in this case, and in North America, and South America), Europe, and Asia grows, this process is gaining momentum. Why should we stand aside? On the contrary, the coming together with our neighbors must use all our strength.

And such enthusiasm among our neighbors to the integration processes also increases. One example of this very practical, pragmatic attitude to razbotka and acceptance of the Contract of CIS free trade zone. I, by the way, thanks to our parliamentarians who first ratified this very fundamental document.

We will follow the path of integration cramped. Customs example of this alliance, the single economic space of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus. It's all been working, working perfectly. We started creating the Eurasian Economic Union and, of course, will go on this way and solve this puzzle.

Pochetaemye pochetaemye colleagues and the citizens of the Russian Federation! We put the puzzle to double the country's GDP by the end of 2008 is actually very tightly close to that plate, somewhere in the 80-85 per cent increment of GDP, and the global crisis has only stopped the momentum. And yet we do not needlessly put a higher bar in front of him, such a complicated puzzle. The Russian economy has shown the ability to grow rapidly and qualitatively highest rate. We were able to preserve and strengthen the capacity of development, to find his new horizons.

What I wish to say? Since 1999, GDP per capita actually doubled. Costs to the federal and consolidated budgets have increased not by percentage, and 2.6 times. Municipal debt in relation to GDP actually decreased by 10 times: with more than 100 percent of GDP (in my opinion, 120-125 percent we had) to 10, with a small per cent, 2.5 per cent of all of this — only external debt. The inflation rate fell by 6 times. In 1999 it was 36.5 per cent in the past year — 6.1 percent, this will be a bit more, but still less than 7, about 6.5.

By early 2000, the population of Russia decreased (only hearken to these numbers, you know very well about them, but return you to this catastrophe), the population of the Russian Federation almost a year, reduced by about one million people. And it seemed impossible that suspend this catastrophe. Demographic projection sounded then, as a final verdict country.

But we were able to reverse this destructive trend. After starting population programs of the Russian population has stabilized, as I have already said, and since 2010 has started to grow. This is our key achievement. I wish to direct your attention to this. I say this not in order to say, "Oh, what we have done!" No. I say these things, that we realized that people believe us, have expanded the planning horizon. Came to believe that stability is a fundamental condition for the development and improvement of living. I say this because we have to cherish that trust and respond to it with their work.

All the characteristics of growth that I have mentioned, they say about the enormous changes in the economic and social development. But the main thing is that we: country, society, citizens — we all know how to overcome difficulties, to solve large-scale problems. And we must keep in mind that adequately passed this difficult path, step by step achieve the desired goals.

We have a lot of work, it is always needed, if one aspires to go forward. And here we need the contribution of each is required now, not tomorrow.

Why I quoted at the moment, these numbers? Our country has historically formed attitude to life in Makar, we live for the future, for the kids. This, of course, very principled and generous task and purpose. But it looks so that the proper, current prosperous life is always delayed, postponed and postponed for later. And so we had actually always, from generation to generation. But, again, going back to why I mention these numbers? It is time to radically change the situation for the best is at the moment. We do this and we can do it. If you continue to alternate course of national development, we will harness oneself in the overall creative work, if we work with dignity, with dedication, with a total return of forces, we will certainly achieve their goals and fulfill all the tasks standing before us.

Thank you for you very much for your patience and attention.

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