Mexican traffickers employ of the U.S. military for killings over the competition

For the money and drugs soldiers of the U.S. Army are themselves involved in the punitive operations or share the experience of doing battle.


"Lately, we often fix the cases where U.S. soldiers are engaged in similar activities", — said the TV channel Fox News vice-president of a private intelligence company Stratfor Global Intelligence Fred Burton. According to him, the fact that the American military professionals working with drug cartels, raises serious concerns.

On the Web site there are many examples of how the United States became the defenders of thugs in gangs of drug traffickers. Thus, the 22-year-old Michael Apodaca, who served in the military base Fort Bliss, and the 11th Missile Defense Artillery Brigade, became a mercenary in the cartel Juárez. For the $ 5 million he had to liquidate Galeanu Jose Daniel Gonzalez, a member of the gang rivals. 29-year-old soldier Kevin Corley mobsters offered $ 50 thousand and five kilograms of cocaine for the capture of "commodity" competitors. In order to cope with the task, Corley had to use their own weapons.

Recently it became known that the murder of a former lawyer Golfo cartel Juan Guerrero Chapa also made U.S. soldiers. According to the FBI, in April 2011, the armed forces of the United States were at least 53 mercenary Mexican Mafia.

Experts explain the situation that during the war in Iraq, the Army recruited everyone. Therefore, many former defenders of the homeland, using the skills, do not disdain 'earnings on the side. "

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