Mock shelves?

Mock shelves?

Lasts discussion around the formation of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment

The staff of the Head of the military investigation department of the RF IC January 21 has been disclosed yet another sin in the sadly famous "case" Oboronservis. '" It is a question of the sale at reduced prices of the Joint Works domestic military service in St. Petersburg. Investigators do not yet exclude the excitation of the 1st criminal case is the tenth in a row. Sonorous revelations follow one after the other in the military the third month in a row, do not just only in the army, and the people eerie feeling that all we have is rotten, everything is sold and bought. Certainly, with a similar mindset necessary to be considered state power.

No need to be a Kremlin spin doctors, so be aware of: created an atmosphere of recovery requests, bringing in the public opinion of any moral compass. These guidelines, of course, there is the glorious and majestic past of. Perhaps such considerations specifically ruled by the President of the Russian Federation, when put forward for public discussion of the idea of rebirth in an old Russian Armed Forces Guards.

Recall that the December 12, 2012, Vladimir Putin, in his own address to the Federal Assembly, said: "The morale of the armed forces rests on traditions, a living relationship with history, with examples of courage and sacrifice of heroes. I believe that the Russian army should be revived in the names of more famous regiments, military units and formations of past eras: the Russian, and more than of early eras. Such units as the Transfiguration and Semyonov regiment. And Secretary of Defense shall submit appropriate proposals. "

Next president stressed that for the revival of the state of consciousness to link the historical era and return to the realization that our home did not begin in 1917 or even in 1991.

Putin singled out: "We have a common and unbreakable thousand-year history, with an emphasis on which we find the inner strength and sense of national development."

Another question remains whether we have time for "moral regeneration" of society, in which, it seems, are the dominant feelings of general indifference, apathy and social decay?

Russian army is seriously ill. And it is not just about corruption. The true bane of the army and navy have been and remain non-statutory cases, coupled with the uneven growth of ethnic crime. Combat readiness of military units without annoying reformed so well without annoying drops. Shortage of personnel in the armed forces takes character acquired prepyadstviya. The prestige of military service is at an unprecedentedly low level. But a large-scale military threat has, apparently, is knocking at the door.

Not so long ago, the head of the 1st GAM control of the Ministry of Defense, Major General Sergei for father prepared a report, "The idea of defending the homeland and the direction of military education and training of people in the military doctrine of the Russian Federation", in which highlighted the scale of commercialization prepyadstviya consciousness of today's generation of war " The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation there is a strong division of troops in the issue of awareness of patriotism.

So, for the soldiers who were brought up in the Russian Armed Forces, the main principle is performing its own military duty in the interests of the country (higher than personal matters) and for military personnel who are brought up in modern Russian aircraft, the basic is eligible for benefits, the right to rest, the exact operating day, in other words, private higher municipal.

For selfless warfare warriors crucial conscious attitude of the war, ideological conviction, awareness of the need of self-sacrifice, love of country. "

Comments on the report may serve as a general for father placed in the newspaper "Izvestia" article "Young pilots running from the Air Force." Here is a small piece: "Because of the imperfections of the system of currency allowances of the Russian Air Force began to lose their young staff. As told to "Izvestia" a source in the Air Force, of the 80 young pilots received by the Air Force combat units in the past year, nearly 60 have already begun to function dismissal without having served in the army and the year. Unless things change, 2015 army will lose almost 70% of front-line pilots.

Pilots themselves explain that they fooled with the media.

— Last year, when we released, we were promised that a January 1, 2012 will receive 100 thousand rubles. Actually received about 60 thousand rubles. I'd better go in, "Aeroflot" — said the "News" the pilot of the Su-25, which is currently held air flight Commission before retiring. "

And such sentiments among the defenders of the Motherland is not unique. On «Zvezda.nn», forum for retired staff of officers, you can read the following posts:

"Yesterday I met a friend, about which he wrote — he came home on leave, the person has a staff of the 5th year. 4 years left before retirement, 40 million salary, length of service goes. Beauty! "

"My (ex already) so too vzvodniki third year sits on 45 tyschah pe and not steamed. "

"I know 30 people sit at the staff and no one wants to serve. Everyone is expecting when they fired to take the hut (and you probably all know that since 2005, graduates have come under mortgage: after 3 years of service can take an apartment in at least some point of — they have taken). "

It should be emphasized that the problem of commercialization of the officer corps and the burning is important not only for Russia. The problem this very seriously attended to the new Supreme Commander of the PLA Xi Jinping.

Immediately after taking office, he resorted to the experience of Mao Zedong, the army opened a kind of "style rectification". The new chairman of the PRC has developed for the officer corps of the directive entitled "Ten Rules of corrections work style by example." Noteworthy that the first rule says: "The military should not hold veselitelnyh events, banquets, feasts, visit fine dining, make gifts, to settle at expensive hotels, furnish state-owned premises luxuries. The officers should not seek personal gain and receiving benefits. They need to ensure the normal behavior of their wives and children. " Recall that in the era of the "Chinese perestroika" Deng Xiaoping was looking through his fingers at the involvement of the generals in the various "business". Now President Xi Jinping's own directive categorically ordered: "The military should not be involved in commercial activities, banquets, presentations, film premieres, giving away prizes, cut the ribbon to open and lay the foundations of the monuments." According to the views of Chinese professionals, these drastic steps have been taken political control just right. As said in an interview programmke "News" secretary-general of the State Academy of the Temple of Confucius Lo Ansyan: "In China today, on the surface as if the relative order, but in the brain — confusion. It seems that people have lost faith in the absolute value. "

The trivial problems of similarity of the Armed Forces in Russia and in China we can say different approaches to their solution. Chinese management focuses on hard, directory corruption, oppression, on the inhuman use of all instruments of power for fast resul
ts merit. This approach is understandable and explainable: China faces a number of military threats, because the approach of war inevitably necessitates the most formidable measures to enhance the combat readiness of the PLA and restore order in the country as a whole.

Russian administration appeals to the patriotic archetypes dating back to the era of Peter the Great amusing regiments. In this paradox lies in the fact that the earlier illustrious Guards regiments of the Russian army in turn disbanded.

Such a fate realized, for example, the famous Guards Sandomirskiy the Order of Alexander Nevsky Fighter Wing Aviation Marshal Alexander Pokryshkina — in the process of "reform" him at first declined, and then merged with the remains of the remains of other regiments in some "air base".

Slightly Supreme Commander of the Russian Federation issued its proposal to revive the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment, generals, politicians and public figures, experts and even ordinary citizens who discussed the matter, immediately shouting match, split into, let's say "red" and "white" to " reformers "and" conservatives ", pushing against each other mutually exclusive arguments. Thus on the following day after the public announcement of the offer to return to the army of the Life Guards last chief of staff Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky said in an interview with "Izvestia" that if and create Transfiguration and Semyonov shelf, not in the army, and in the Ministry of Interior . General explained to the outlook is the fact that "the Ministry of Defence after the reform Serdyukov no decent sonorous name parts." "If there are another military organization in the country, it is the internal troops Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Armed Forces regiments, in my opinion, no longer exists "- summed up Baluyevskiy. But his idea was simultaneously criticized in down and the remains of other high-ranking army officer. The last chief of the Army Head Control, Colonel-General Yuri Boukreev proposal referred to "some pochetaemyh veterans? Commanders" to form the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment in the internal troops of the "total nonsense." According to him, despite the fact that the process of reform of Serdyukov's armed forces fled to the division's brigade system for manning, divisions and regiments still preserved. They are in the Airborne Forces in Strategic Missile Force mission. "So it is purely formal in the Russian army has many parts and connections that have passed through the crucible of war, Russian majestically through the war in Afghanistan and other armed conflicts — recalled General Boukreev. — And as they say, God himself has commanded that the first such Guards regiments were awarded the honorable title "Semyonov" or "Transfiguration". "

In the skirmish 2-army generals stepped in the Interior Ministry. Managing the press service of the Russian Interior Ministry troops, Colonel Vasily Panchenkov said: "We Preobrazhensky, in the sense that we save up the tradition. For example, no matter what the attack at a certain time, we have kept the memory of Felix Dzerzhinsky. Although some citizen would call a separate division of the operational purpose (Odon) Dzerzhinsky division. " So Makar, the Interior Ministry took a very ordinariness position: leave us alone and sort it out themselves.

Then began a debate about what specific part of the Russian army can get the status of the Life Guards. Past Deputy Minister of Defence of the USSR Gen. Army Viktor Ermakov suggested the title of the Preobrazhensky Regiment, the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade.

In turn, the commander of the Airborne Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov said Hitters have become famous warriors of the 45th Regiment, a separate special purpose Airborne.

President of the Academy of Military Sciences, Army General Gareyev in an interview, "RIA Novosti" outlook expressed that the honorable title of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment should get more distinguished themselves in recent years, the compound of the Russian army. In his view, do the Life Guards can be based on the former 4th Guards Tank Division Kantemirovsky (now the 4th Separate Tank Brigade) and 2nd Guards Taman Motorized Rifle Division (modern 5-th separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade). But the chief editor of "Cadet Brotherhood" Alexander Salihov stressed that create Transfiguration Semyonov and shelves should be "completely from scratch", with the traditions established by Peter I, carried out in such a severe shelves, exemplary selection. With all of this, he said that you need to take into account the traditions of Russian Guard, made in 1941.

But the real confusion in the minds, often accompanied by a blatant abuse of opponents to the address showed public opinion. As an example, we present the relevant comments from the Web site of the newspaper "Military-Industrial Courier." The audience of this edition consists in the main of the active or former military, and professionals related to defense matters, or seriously interested in them. But, surprisingly, in support of the proposal voted absolute minority of commentators. Were prevalent criticism and distrust:

"And what would that be? Revival amusing regiments? Life Guards Red Banner Order of Suvorov Taman Division Semyonov motostreletsky regiment?"

"A what? Costumed Cossacks, keeping the border of the Georgian Orthodox Russia, taxi drivers and grannies knit socks on the Belarus railway station, we already have. Who will Costumed Life Guards. "

"… And to allow higher bureaucrats write children with birth into this" guard ", whose officers will wear the robe outfit, their spouses and their husbands in uniform — to drive the soldiers."

According to the views of many, loyal, actually thought the revival of a long-term Russian military glory for some reason was, so to speak, "one on the ice."

The tasks of the Armed Forces as well as the spiritual and moral decline in the country can not be solved alone restoration 2-famous regiments.
To this step has brought up a real need hard and steady incarnation of a range of measures — from optimizing the information space and the adoption of a truly patriotic education of existing programs to implement the recent industrialization and the real appreciation of the military mobilization potential of the country.

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