Moonshine in the style of hi-tech

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Benefits of our distillation columns and BrAZhN before the usual hooch:
High performance: the production of pure alcohol a class "Extra" and "luxury" not less than 1 liter per hour.
The quality of materials: all the details and BrAZhN columns (moonshine), and distillation column are made of high quality stainless steel.
Accuracy of control devices: digital thermometer allows you to control the most important parameter rectification — the temperature with a resolution of 0.1 degrees C during the entire process.
Automatic control: modern electronics stabilize the pressure in the system to obtain the best result.
Safe operation: the control electronics ensures system shutdown in the event of pressure increase.
Warranty: 3 years. Useful life is not limited.

Our column (moonshine vehicles) fit, as people who do not have any experience brewing, and advanced Bootleggers.

Appointment of rectifying equipment (home distillery)
Regeneration (recovery) of any alcohol and alcohol-containing liquids.
Production of alcohol "Extra" and "luxury."

The use of alcohol:
Making spirits and soft drinks
To fix the wines
Preparation of medicinal tinctures and salves
Medicinal use
* Production of crude alcohol (moonshine) from 40 to 96% of the fortress with only one BrAZhN column.

The use of raw alcohol:
Production of beverages such as whiskey, rum, plum brandy Hungarian and other spirits, in which the technology is necessary to specify the crude alcohol
The use in the perfume industry
Use as a denaturing liquid
In the chemical industry
Use as a cleaning fluid and antifreeze

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