More than 5,000 engineers improved their skills under the presidential program

The press conference took stock of the Presidential Programme training of engineers in 2012

In 2012, 5209 people were trained on Presidential professional development program of the engineering staff for 2012-2014. Of these, 1,255 persons interned in Russia and 472 — abroad. These data led the Director of the National Training Foundation Sergei Kovalenko held on February 20, RIA "Novosti" press conference on the results of the first year of the program.

Engineering specialists working in enterprises of mechanical engineering, instrumentation, automotive and many other industries, were enrolled in 161 selected for the competition program of further education. The programs were developed 51 educational institution of higher and secondary vocational education. Customers programs — 492 companies in the real sector of the economy from large, medium and small companies.

"Most of the — these are young people aged 26-40 years, the most active, the most productive part of the population", — said Sergey Kovalenko.

The state has allocated for the training of engineers 180 million rubles in subsidies. Co-financing of enterprises amounted to no less than 90% of these funds, said Director of the NTF.

In the presidential program, according to Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Russia Alexander Klimov, laid the "ideology of close interaction between enterprises and high-tech sectors of the economy leading universities that prepare professionals to work in these enterprises." And this ideology is already yielding some positive results for the strategic sectors of the economy — the nuclear industry, aviation, energy, engineering, information technology and others, I am sure the Deputy Minister.

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