Moscow will be flooded


Moscow will be flooded


08.10.03, the


In the next 5-10 years
And along with it — the whole central Russia, most of Europe. Only Paris alone will stick out of the water, and walking past the Arc de Triomphe ocean liners are moored in Eyfelefoy tower. This will happen very soon. In the next 5-10 years. So, anyway, says a Gordon Scallion.

It has become a tradition to meet the beginning of each century to eschatological mood. If anyone has forgotten, "God's Word", which were taught in school, the eschatology — the science of the "end of the world." With the development of science, it became clear that the Apocalypse, Armageddon is happening that is to say, the same as the U.S. «shit», that is to say, all the time. In astronomical terms, of course. Every 50-100 million years flies "big kirdyk" hit the ground, the grass is lit, the oceans boil, who has not hidden — he skewers. After such space "gifts" the next million years, those who got into the gap, trying to get out from there.

"Small kirdyk" falls more often, but apocalypses is regional scale. However, it could lead to a global catastrophe. Remember the beautiful layered image "Earth in the context." Solid there — the earth's crust, a thickness of about 30-40 kilometers. Below, more than 5,000 kilometers in depth, all the layers of the mantle and outer core — liquid. Solid again only the inner core. So if even a small asteroid will hit the Earth on a tangent, then, together with small annoyances such as crater can happen and large — the crust can "slip" on the basis of their molten. As a result, ground ball several times Feeds On its oceans. The tsunami washed away everything just from the land.

But there are also internal troubles. For example, a sudden change of the magnetic poles, which occurs once every 500,000 years. And, quite likely, a new time of such a jump is near. Over the past 30 years, the magnetic north pole of the Earth moved away from its old location at 200 kilometers. However, he does not move in a straight line, and by a strange unpredictable trajectory. One would think will change north and south, but so what? The not so harmless.

According to modern science, the magnetic field of the earth depends on the presence of a solid metal core inside it. Significant contribution was added and the inner layers of the mantle. The core is rotating. Rotate and melts around him. But you certainly do not think that the core surface is smooth like a billiard ball? There is also the landscape. His presence causes "weather" all the guts of our planet. There, as in the atmosphere reigning vortices. Only the power of hard to even imagine.

Earth's core is rotating around its own axis. And the Earth, flying around the sun, constantly tests the influence of the other planets, because the Earth's axis is constantly a little "floats". The angle of inclination to the orbital plane ranges from 22 to 24 degrees. This is called precession. And so the magnetic pole does not coincide with geophysical. The core, being in great depth, do not have time to react to such a "trembling" of the planet. For millennia, the kernel seemed to accumulate more energy and at one point throws it — turn over.

But do not imagine that it will turn exactly 180. How to get — and turn. And exactly how to get — can not be predicted. In the Earth's history there have been occasions when the pole was located at the present equator. And what's next?

Earthquakes, volcanoes awakening, the drift of the lithospheric plates and global warming. As they say, all at once. And simultaneously. But not simultaneously!

And now a few facts. Over the past 20 years, the annual number of recorded earthquakes has increased almost two-fold. The rate of melting of polar ice from 3% in the year rose to 9%. The Earth itself from year to year is becoming more "flat": the distance between the poles is reduced, and the equator is growing. But again, all this is very slow, although notable processes. They could not fail to notice the local aliens with clairvoyants.

Mentioned at the beginning of the American Gordon Scallion, on the basis of his revelations even drew a map of the future of the Earth. He argues that by 2012 the global flooding will occur all that may be flooded. Sea levels will rise by 100 meters. Europe, whole, will plunge into the water, leaving in his place a scattering of islands. Places such as Moscow and St. Petersburg also will not. Remain only the Ural Mountains, part of Kazakhstan, but with a central Siberia, Yakutia.

Siberia will become the breadbasket of Europe — said Mr. Gordon.

Other continents do not suffer so much, Antarctica free of ice, and there will be warm. And the rise of the oceans and the Atlantis has not named the continents. You can look at his website melenkie maps that did not really make out. But the scale — only for dollars.

He echoed the U.S. "gray" aliens. They are a contactee, which communicate only telepathically, have created a website, where the predicted cataclysm like. However, the term aliens called for the disaster, the beginning of summer 2003 has passed successfully and now they have a new date — November.

The aliens are advised to stock up on groceries, tools and batteries. Particular emphasis is placed on what should be purchased "clockwork" flashlights and radios particular firm. Perhaps some of these visitors and get profit from it. But if Americans are "flooded" Europe, the Europeans "stoked" America.

European followers «new age» (modern religion, sectarian persuasion who believe in the "good aliens" who are either rescued or, at least, will advise how best to do), believe that the American continent by changing poles generally fall to pieces.

In general, nothing changes. As from time immemorial all scoundrels do yourself kapitalets on the prediction of global catastrophes — and continue to this day. What has changed is the word, but not the methods.

Of course, much nicer to be "saved", whatever that may mean. The new "teacher" of humanity is understood and readily taken, for a fee, to save your immortal soul.

Of course, much more pleasant to contemplate the disaster on TV, knowing that she is far away and being sure that she will not be affected.

Much nicer to belong to the circle of favorites and "initiated" into the events of the near future.

Just do not forget that the "doomsday" for the last 10 years already appointed fifty times. And every time I date was postponed. And the "prophets", the standard excuses that Divine Providence has undergone adjustments and we must prepare for the next date … Such is the eschatology …

But back to the "jump" of the poles. It's really a global cataclysm. It certainly will take a lot of lives. But not right away.

It is possible that in the first few months or even years after rotating core land may not have a magnetic field. The inner core of the field will be compensated fields mantle and outer core. But far more likely that "peremagrichivanie" of the Earth will still occur gradually enough and she abruptly loses all of the magnetosphere, which protects from the harsh space radiation, but instead smoothly pass through a minimum, followed by reverse buildup.

Global warming and the flooding of land as inevitable. Scientists claim that we are somewhere in the second third of "warm period". And we are waiting for a further increase in mean annual temperature, and before the next Ice Age is still very far away.

Again, the abrupt increase in global sea level is very, very unlikely. And, then, there is time to prepare.

Another thing — the earthquake. The core of the Earth "reset" your energy and it there's no getting around it, it comes from the top. This means that the lithospheric plates acquire greater mobility until all ustakanilos. And it is — is also very extended in time process. The order of several hundred years.

No, of course, those who are worried about their future family may acquire submarines, or drill a shelter in the rocks, or, as it has already done all the governments of major countries to build residential complexes under the lunar or Martian surface. And if you do not have such funds — also do not worry: End of the world — is a continuous process and a very, very long. So, anyway, according to the eschatology. I'm personally inclined to trust her.

Arseny Zharov

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