Most Lithuanians tend to demand compensation from the Russian Federation

The results of the survey, commissioned by the BNS, have shown that a positive answer to the question whether the demand from Russia Lithuania damages caused during the occupation, gave 54% of respondents.

41% of respondents answered this question in the negative, and 5% did not answer the question.

People who believe that we should seek redress, there were many in almost all age groups, all groups of income and education (more than those who gave a negative response).

Most believe that it is necessary not to claim damages, it was among the residents who live in cities with populations of 30,000 to 180,000 people.

The same number as a percentage of those who believe that we should seek redress and those who do not think we should do it, it was in the age group of 55-64 years, respectively, 47.7 and 47.6%.

The survey from May 30 to June 10, was conducted by RAIT. It was attended by 1,012 people of Lithuania at the age of 15-74 years. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis said recently that he was during his tenure of office in Russia raised the issue of reparations six times, each time receiving a negative response. However Azubalis expressed the hope that the time will come when Russia will apologize for the occupation and will not deny it.

The government has recently set up a committee to prepare an action plan and meeting set on damages from the occupation.

The Soviet Union occupied Lithuania in 1940, after having sent an ultimatum to Lithuania 150,000 Red Army soldiers. In 1941-1944, Lithuania was occupied by Nazi Germany, then began the second period of the Soviet occupation, which lasted until 1990.

During the years of Soviet occupation (1940-1952 biennium) in camps and exile have taken 275,000 residents of Lithuania, killed more than 20,000 guerrillas and the people supporting them. At the front during the war killed 25 000 people in Lithuania, about 444,000 left the country.


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