Multiply charged rifle company SRM

Multiply charged rifle company SRM
As you know, all simply superb, especially when it comes to issues of firearms device or its individual units. Oddly designers wisely and try to cheat the system automation, power systems and other, ordinary result from their leaves quite rare that not surprisingly, as long it is already clear that the simpler — the more reliable. But for all this progress is not in place, the gun is presently requires that it almost took upon itself the enemy aim and shoot, and when such requirements remain within the «simplicity» is very difficult. In other words, no criterion in humans. Little differently things those designers who work with smoothbore guns. Being fit, in the main, on the civilian market, where the consumer less picky and enjoys every innovation, this weapon is updated significantly less often, and that, that there was a model shotgun is fundamentally different from all others, many manufacturers do not even think. Although pleasant exceptions are all the same. Such, for example, shotgun SRM, and talk about where in this article.

One of the problems smoothbore gun is the small capacity of his shop, more precisely, it is not even the problem, but a feature. After all, nobody handy hunting shotgun with a store to the land, which fits 30 rounds, well, in those infrequent occasions when gladkostvol used in the army and the police are also large magazine capacity is not needed. Yet, the work in this direction are already tried all the possible options and unworkable arrangement cartridges, somewhere waiting for designers success and failure in some places. Own version of multiply charged shotgun SRM Arms Company introduced first in 2008. Designers managed to achieve not only significant growth capacity store tools, and solve the problem of changing the type of munition frisky in a gun that is quite topical innovation for hunters and for the army and police. First article stated that all just excellent, and in fact the design of the gun SRM very common, and it is surprising that previously no one thought of before.
Generally, speaking of multiply charged semi-automatic rifle of SRM, we have in mind three model guns Model 1216, Model 1212 and Model 1208. All these models — this rifle 12 caliber, as they say the first two numbers in the title, the remaining two numbers indicate the number of rounds that can be directly charged to the store. Also, these three models are different guns and barrel length that has played a cruel joke with the manufacturer. The fact is that in almost all states in the U.S. there is a restriction on the very kutsee smoothbore gun, for this reason there is a civilian consumer is allowed to take only the very long version of the shotgun with magazine capacity of 16 rounds. Although both would be purchased and more than a little option, but you need to get a separate permit and pay an additional tax. Show longish model shotgun has a barrel length of 457 mm, 330 mm average model and the smallest has a barrel length of only 254 mm. Barrel length and magazine capacity is limited, because it is located under the barrel.

Well, now about the most exciting — this gun store. The fact that this is not in fact a single store, and four, which are connected in parallel. What’s in it for a decent hunter it is no secret, but for law enforcement agencies to which such a system, it is unclear, because of contrast, on first glance, in munitions in their special. Although if your loaf, it can be fast switching between traumatic and shotshell, in general, such excess will not be able to accurately. But the most fascinating in all of this construction is that switching between 4-connected shops jointly done by the shooter in a completely random order. To switch from the 1st store to another, the shooter must put pressure on the small switch at the front-mount the store and shop crank in either direction before it snaps back. You should also see that this instrument has such an amazing feature as slide catch, which allows for expenditure of ammunition in a single tube, rapidly turn the shop and continue firing without producing any manipulation with the shutter. In addition, the store can be a hundred percent removed and replaced by another, similar in length, it needs to move is another latch which also placed in front-mount the store, in general, it is unlikely to rapidly turn out to do, but in general, and this possibility not superfluous.

As noted above, multiply guns of SRM — this semi-automatic weapon, because not be redundant and tell what type of automation has this gun. A built automatic scheme delayed blowback, and almost like a machine in G3, so that SRM gun company in this regard even if not unique, but very original, so vskidku not remember smoothbore gun with a similar system automation. More fascinating feature is the same and that this gun can be simply adapted to fire from the right or left shoulder. Adaptation is performed at partial disassembly tools that, in principle, does not take much time and is not asking for any special tools, but on the instantaneous adaptation is certainly not out of the question, although the civilian population for such a possibility, in principle, not needed. Switch fuse and lock shop first duplicated on both sides of guns so that they create no manipulation required.

Taking into account the capacity and design of the shop tools, the fact that self-loading rifle fascinating question is weight. Due to the fact that the design of the gun is extensively used durable plastic, the gun itself can hardly be attributed to the heavyweights, and it is not easy. So for most models longish length 825 mm weight without cartridge equals 3.2 pounds, with the average for the total length of 698 mm weight without ammo is 3 pounds, well, for most rather short overall length 622 mm weight is only 2.8 kilograms . In general, it is quite small properties, but we should not forget that this weight is added to the same weight of ammunition, and taking into account the placement of the store, the balance shifted forward guns first, and if the same charge the entire store 16 rounds, the trunk will significantly outweigh that enjoy far not many.

Also fascinating moment in the data models of SRM guns is that they are deprived of the usual sights. Apparently, the wide distribution of different options will soon lead to the fact that open sights would be considered absolutely obsolete, but if it happens, it is not very soon, because almost from the first days of sales of these guns consumer request that the gun was Resettled front sight and fully, and this was done. However, done very peculiar. On the front mount store was sliced ​​strap attachment onto which the front sight on the mounting plate extending across the upper surface of the guns became attached pillar. With all this open removable sights are offered in a variety of ways. In addition, all options open sights made foldable, so they will not interfere with the use of a collimator. Also left and right rather short strips placed additional attachment for additional devices in the form of a flashlight or laser pointer.

Appeared on the market, this instrument did not so long ago, at the end of 2011, despite the fact that was demonstrated in 2008. Such a delay can be explained by the fact that the company manufacturer far not the biggest and make mass production of guns, which asks though not the greatest, but all the same accuracy in the production task is not the usual. But from various rifles suitable store without at least some «napilinga» why obviously worth postpone output guns on the market. In general, somehow sad that even relatively small companies in the U.S. can be done qualitatively new tool, albeit a couple of years spent on adjustment of production, but on individual swatches Russian itself, unfortunately, we can not say, although many of you may not agree.

Naturally, this instrument is not without negative characteristics, at least in the form of a shift in balance of guns, but the way in which the manufacturer has an easy method to achieve small size, multiply charged, the ability to use different types of ammo, depending on what the situation asks, suggests that far more not all invented and implemented, although experimental models guns, not to mention commercially manufactured swatches, so that there is still much to develop. Even if we take this construction, then it could be improved by automatic turning shop when all cartridges are fired in a tube, is true, then the store itself would be necessary to close the gun, but still there, where to go. Not to mention the location of the store transfer to the butt that would have leveled the gun balance. In general, far not all invented, as it turned out, and it can not entertain.

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