Mystery of the Phaistos Disk


Mystery of the Phaistos Disk


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Evening of July 3 19O8, the Italian archaeologist Luigi Perna worked as one of the extensions of the royal palace of Phaistos, Crete. Unearthing the next layers of the earth, he came close to a clay tablet on the mysterious object, as it turned out only one of its kind. This was the famous Festskyy disc, made of fine clay, apparently not Cretan origin.
The disc had a perfectly regular shape, its diameter is 16 cm, thickness of 2 centimeters. Molded it without the aid of a potter's wheel and both sides covered with picturesque characters, following each other in a spiral, and the combined group in closed cells, and dates from about sredneminoyskim period.
Signs (at least most of them) were stamped with special stamps, a total of forty five. They are a distinct human figures and animals, their heads, fish and birds, plants, buildings, ships and tools. Nothing like Crete never found.
Do not have time to drive to clean off the dirt, as scientists around the world began to argue about its origin, and the decipherment of the appointment. Something similar occurred only in connection with Atlantis.
First, as befits the hierarchy, expressed the then head of archaeological work on Crete Arthur Evans. He drew attention to the dress of feathers, which is decorated with one of the characters of the head and that is almost certainly an element of combat helmet. On this basis, Evans concluded that the text is a victory hymn, perhaps with a touch of the iconic character.
Other scientists have been able to go further: the same hat they found on
Egyptian images of the Philistines, but to the satisfaction of all the decryption only on this basis, no one has. Then drive in turn appropriated Cypriot origin, Libyan (North Africa), Lycian, Aryan, Anatolia (Asia Minor), even Semitic and Slavonic-Hyperborean. There were "experts", who considered the covenant drive past Atlantis and builders of the Sphinx. However, neither one of these assumptions was not drive more or less readable and therefore knowable.
So what was the Phaistos disk? Paradoxical as it may sound, most likely — the sacrificial cake sea god. In favor of this version and the nature of the text, and the spiral type of lettering! The fact that the cake made of clay, too, is not surprising: in ancient times, if you could not sacrifice to God, say, a bull, it substituted the figure, fashioned from the test. If the dough and turn out of money, fully applied and clay. The main thing is that from a pure heart. Sacrificed to the gods and smaller gifts such as grown up children — have become unnecessary toys, and boys and girls — a strand of hair. So in the Phaistos disk is likely to be seen boilerplate text of the prayer to the owner of the maze. If this text is in fact a cryptogram encrypted — this means that in Crete, even in those days there was a caste of priests dedicated to that and only allowed to mention the name of God is not in vain. The owner of the maze could be only Zeus (the word "labyrinth" is derived from "Labrys" double-edged ax, the sacred weapon of Zeus). According to the myth, Zeus, in the form of a bull brought Europe to Crete, where she gave birth to, among other children, Minos — King of Crete. Once Minos asked his father to send a bull, which he (Minos) and his father's sacrifice will bring. Zeus listened to the entreaties of the sea and the bull was released. He was so beautiful that Minos replaced it with another. It's not like Zeus, and he had sent an unnatural passion Minos' wife Pasiphae to his present. As a result, the Minotaur was born, which was put in a labyrinth built by Daedalus. Theseus, son of Aegeus and Poseidon, in fact, took to kill the Minotaur. Actually, it already points to the struggle brothers — Zeus and Poseidon — for possession of the sea. Note that the logic of myths Theseus, prince of Athens, was obliged to assist Athena, but she does not appear in this story.
The rest is known from the curriculum: Theseus took the ball Ariadne, slew the Minotaur unfavorable got loose. After such an act Cretans lost their supremacy at sea, and Daedalus and his son put into a labyrinth from which they miraculously flew away. It is surprising just how Daedalus, who built this stone bag, could not get out of it yourself.
Archaeologists have been looking for at least some traces of the structure, which can be identified with the maze, but found nothing. Tried to identify with the labyrinth at Knossos palace, excavated by Evans. It was indeed a grand structure, but it is built on the classic Greek canons: the huge courtyard, around which were located residential and commercial buildings. Even Homer would choose this "maze" without a guide.
But, perhaps, the Cretan labyrinth to be found not on earth. Imagine that next to some rock was geological anomaly periodically or continuously, there arose whirlpools that destroyed all life, fall into them. Naturally, they had to call the superstitious terror and demanded of the victims for their own restraints, of course, at the bottom of whirlpools lived evil and scary spirit (in our case — the Minotaur), which propitiate them and had to Theseus. However, the last such decision had Minos do not like what he said honestly. But Minos said, if Theseus is actually the son of Poseidon, you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of him, because he did not leave in the lurch. However, Theseus, not too expecting his father, himself a rope tied with a rope or brought by Ariadne, to some trees or fragments of rock, and then boldly jumped into the maelstrom.
Crete — one of the most seismically unstable regions in the world. It is likely that after a displacement of the earth's crust natural labyrinth has ceased to exist, and the whole history of the struggle of Athens to Crete for maritime supremacy resulted in the myth is so hardy that even after two thousand years of the coins depicted the labyrinth of Crete, in his classic spiral shape, not some structure with a lot of walk-through rooms and dead ends.
Now the mysterious Festskyy disk is stored in a museum in Irakleyon and is still waiting for someone who will be able to close the secret of it.

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