Myths and Realities of the Obama presidency

Romney and Obama are convinced that all changed after Obama won the presidency. Nonsense.

According to Romney, his country's all gone wrong, when Barack Obama became president. Women lost their jobs. Families lost their homes. The country's debt rose sharply.

According to Barack Obama, the situation had improved after he sat in the presidential chair. The government saved the auto industry. Energy production has increased. The war against Osama bin Laden turned in favor of the country.

Each candidate denies the story to each other. Romney said that the situation had improved before 20 January 2009. Obama said that the situation had deteriorated to 20 January 2009. Both of these denials are true, that means that both candidates exaggerate the success of Obama. That's what politicians do: they dump all the blame on the incumbent president, promises to change the world, and then, after the election, claiming that it did. Do not believe them. Wildly implausible that the progress or decline of the country began on the day of the inauguration. In fact, it is a lie. And the candidates in their counter-arguments show that they know about it.

Obama tells the fascinating story of the murder of terrorists and rescue of American foreign policy. Referring to the Americans in Afghanistan, Obama boasted: "Over the past three years, everything has changed. We paid a "Taliban" a serious blow. We have created a strong Afghan army. We emptied the management of "Al-Qaeda", killing 20 of the 30 leaders of the group. And a year ago, from a base in Afghanistan during a special operation to our troops managed to eliminate Osama bin Laden. " In the video, the Obama campaign is not only embodied intelligence agents who have tracked and learn about the whereabouts of bin Laden and the "sea lion" who killed him, but primarily focuses on Obama's decision to give the last and decisive orders.

Romney says that this story is rooted in the distant past and says: "This mission was the culmination of a decade of hard work and, as well as the sacrifice of our men and women." He's right. Obama's adviser on counter-terrorism, John Brennan said that the credit for this must be split with the "intelligence professionals that have put together the clues and led to bin Laden."

However, on the issue of the economy Romney prefers amnesia. He starts counting the loss of jobs and foreclosure on the mortgage on the day of Obama's inauguration. "After Obama became president, a job lost 800 thousand Americans" and "have been alienated for debts of 2.8 million homes," Romney said last month. Obama says that the recession started earlier, and he was right. According «»:

The unemployment rate started to rise even before Obama became president, up nearly three percentage points. At the beginning of the Obama presidency rate was 7.8%. In October 2009, the unemployment rate reached 10%. Then he went down and by March was 8.2%.

During the last year of the Bush presidency, the number of households receiving a notice of disposition for the debt has increased from 1.3 million to 2.3 million this figure has continued to grow under Obama, reaching 2.8 million in 2009, and in 2010 — 2.9 million Nevertheless, in 2011 the number of households receiving a notice, fell to 1.9 million

Manipulation of Romney's economic performance against women is even more cynical. He said that during President Obama's "no work left 800 thousand people" and "over 92% of unemployed were women. His policy was the war on women. " «» exposes the dishonesty of this presentation:

The growth rate of men began in May 2007 … By the time Obama became president in 2009, the unemployment rate among men, among women, continued to fall throughout the year. The highest unemployment rate among men was in February 2010, and the female unemployment rate has continued to increase over the next seven months. And in September 2010, it reached its lowest figure. "If you look at the beginning of the recession, many industries (construction and manufacturing) have lost their jobs are mostly men," — says the chairman of the Women's Chamber of Commerce Margot Dorfman. Later the economic crisis started to have a negative impact on women.

Obama knows that the truncated story Romney leads astray. In his campaign video, all 17 minutes devoted to the economic downturn occurring at the time of the arrival of Obama. Then the announcer says cynically, that the president rushed to save Detroit. "Because of the hard choice of presidential efforts aimed at reviving the U.S. auto industry" — says the voice-over. But here's the rest of the story:

December 19, 2008 Bush announced that his administration will give the company «General Motors» and «Chrysler» 13.4 billion dollars in the program to support troubled industries. «General Motors» would be entitled to an additional $ 4 billion. Obama used Bush's plans, which included the bankruptcy of auto manufacturers and their subsequent reorganization by completing the process begun by Bush.

On the issue of deficit spending and the candidates again switched roles. Romney says Obama "has raised the budget to more than 20%." Really? Let's turn to the same official:

Obama, Romney ascribes a large increase in spending for 2009, which began during the Bush administration, even four months before Obama. Barack Obama justifies the growth of spending by three government programs: the stimulus plan, program to rescue troubled assets and a bill to address the mortgage crisis. All three programs are worth 353 billion U.S. dollars. The decision on the last two were taken back under Bush.

Obama on the issue of energy is making some changes. "Under President Obama figure in the country's oil production reached its highest level in eight years," — said in a campaign ad Obama. However, «Consumer Energy Report» explains:

What is happening today in the energy market — the result of decisions that were made 4-8 years ago. For example, profits from the production of ethanol in 2010 is not the success of Barack Obama's energy policy, the result of the Energy Act, passed in 2005 and extended in 2007. The growth of oil production under President Obama is the years of steady growth in oil prices, which allowed the oil companies to approve a number of new projects. But these projects take years, and in the case of the pipeline, "Alaska", the decisions taken for 4-6 years before the Obama presidency, have benefited for President Obama in the form of increased production of oil. Whether the value of the elections? Of course. Obama's election has finally decided the death sentence, "Do not ask, do not tell." Romney's election would affect the decisions of the Supreme Court in the future. But the more complex problem — the economy, terrorism, and China — the less likely that the president fundamentally change it, especially in the near future. Elections can change history. But most importantly, they decide which party would dare to say that it changed the situation for the worse.

William Seleten «Slate», May 2, 2012

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