Nanobutylki save the world from a shortage of drinking water

Nanobutylki save the world from a shortage of drinking water Facts

Climate change constantly reduces drinking water on the planet. But even if all the water from the rivers and lakes dry up, now there is hope for humanity will not die of thirst with a new device — a special bottle, absorbing moisture from the air. But according to scientists, the Earth's atmosphere are concentrated over 11 quadrillion gallons of water.

The world already knows about wind turbine, which can absorb water from the air even in the desert, but this method of getting rid of thirst extremely expensive. The company offers the option of NBD Nano modestly, as a normal bottle, the prototype of which was in the nature of an existing type of beetle, which has an amazing ability to survive in the Namib Desert, absorbing their shell water directly from the air. Morning beetle crawls on a sand dune, puts his back to the wind and "drink", thus gaining 12% of its weight in the form of moisture.
With the help of nanotechnology, scientists have tried to mimic the beetle's back, and create a material that would have to miss a drop of water from the air and hold it inside the tank. They succeeded, and now wonder bottle walls are covered with hydrophilic and hydrophobic. Due to the natural process of condensation for a while bottle fills itself. To speed up the process and at the same time clean the condensate to a similar capacity planning to attach a solar battery.
In countries where the lack of clean water have thousands of people, this invention can literally save lives. In retail know-how will be in 2014.

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