Natural disasters hit the Adygea and the Middle Volga

June 25, 2013. In Adygea liquidate the consequences of floods caused by heavy rains. Nine hours in Maikop region had the monthly rainfall. Streams of water fell on himself Maikop and several smaller communities. In the area of flooding was more than a hundred houses. Suffered more than any other Soviet farm, where the dam was broken on a private pond. From the elements in the country has suffered more than 400 people. Now the water is almost gone from the townships. The consequences of an emergency eliminate more than 40 people and 17 vehicles.

From showers suffered not only Adygea — thunderstorms and hail hit the Saratov. For two hours the city is literally disappeared under the water. On the streets — dirty streams, pedestrians walking along the water, and flooded cars.

Source: Meteovesti

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