Navy RUSSIA WILL CORVETTE «GLib» By the end of 2012


November 16. Russian Navy will receive corvette «Courageous» 20380 by the end of 2012, reports of the factory newspaper «Severnaya Verf» referring to the statement of General Director Alexander Ushakov.
According to Alexander Ushakov, plant management tasked to pass Navy corvette «Courageous» until the end of 2012.

Corvette has already passed the first step of industrial sea trials (ZHI), during which closed about 70 running identity.
Recently, of «Arsenal» supply ship for 100-mm artillery installation A190-01, then in late November — early December, the transition is scheduled to ship in Baltiysk second step ZHI. Then the ship must start state tests. If the weather will allow complete state tests until the end of the year, will sign the acceptance certificate.
Launching the second serial corvette «Courageous» 20380 was held at «Severnaya Verf» April 15, 2011 Laid patrol ship «Courageous» at the boathouse of «Severnaya Verf» in July 2005.
The lead ship of the series is the corvette «Guarding» passed the Baltic Fleet in the 2007 second corvette project — «savvy» — BF passed October 14, 2011
Corvette project developed by JSC «Central Marine Design Bureau» Almaz «. Ship 20380 is designed for operations in the near maritime zone and combating surface ships and submarines, artillery support for amphibious assault during amphibious operations. During the construction of the ships used to develop «stealth». The draft introduced 21 patents issued and 14 certificates of registration of computer programs. New solutions have been applied to reduce the physical fields of the ship. Namely, managed to significantly reduce the radar signature of the ship through the introduction of a slow-burning material GRP superstructure with qualities radiopogloscheniya also by the construction build the hull and superstructure.

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