Navy United States is going to once again «flex its muscles» and surprise the world with the most technically advanced ship in the world

Navy United States is going to once again

New multi-purpose class destroyer Zumwalt (fiancé in honor of the control of Naval Operations Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt) is designed to attack ground surface, anti-aircraft and fire support from the sea. It will be 30 meters longer than today’s destroyers and almost twice as heavy, with all this area will own radar signature 50 times smaller and carry only half the crew. Packed stem to stern with the most modern radar technology Stealth, a devastating weapon and powerful engines, USS Zumwalt last generation will be commissioned in the middle of 2016 and will be, of course, more technologically sophisticated ship. In addition to class destroyers ArleighBurke (named after the South American Admiral Arleigh Burke), which is in service in the current time and is designed to protect aircraft carrier battle groups and ship against massive missile attacks enemy destroyer Zumwalt also aims to land. He could, evading detection, move along the foreshore of the enemy and inflict deadly blows crisp, clear the way for landing amphibious assault or kill air defenses. This is a kind of marine ram, which can inflict impressive defeat by the enemy’s maritime borders.

Back in the 1990s South American military successfully conducted amphibious operations in Somalia and other countries. But since the coastal defense forces around the world have increased significantly, because the management of the Navy United States decided to build Zumwalt with all the latest technologies. Destroyers classic designs make significant wave motion and just pinpoint radars. Unlike them, the sharp angles of the nose Zumwalt reduce its radar ESR (effective area of ​​scattering) 50 times (on the radar it will be identical to the fishing boat) and cut the water like a 200-meter-long spear, creating a small footprint and make the identification of the vessel by radar and satellite.

From the coastal zone Zumwalt can kill the enemy defenses at a distance of up to 72 miles (130 km). Dual 155-mm guns are controlled by computers command center and charged with GPS-guided missiles, which, According to experts of the Navy, more like a rocket than artillery, as they are able to adjust the line of movement during the flight. The ship is also equipped with a battery of anti-aircraft missiles SM-2, Tomahawk missiles class «ship-to-earth» anti-aircraft missiles ESSM class «ship-to-air», anti-submarine torpedoes ASROC vertical launch — and it is distributed in 80 missile bays along the hull. Placement and design of compartments ensure that the missiles can not be turned off in one fell swoop of the enemy, and serve as an additional layer of protection.
Zumwalt produces more energy than is necessary. Unlike other ships of the Navy, it is equipped with 4 gas turbine generators, which in totality create 78 megawatts of electricity — almost 10 times more than the class destroyers ArleighBurke. His twin 35-megawatt AC engines provide the highest speed of 30 knots and at 20 knots Zumwalt keeps three quarters of its own power (58 MW) for other systems. These systems — everything from fire protection to trucks in the cargo hold, very automated, allowing you to keep only the destroyer team of 148 people — as opposed to 276 for the ArleighBurke.

Despite all its advancement, ship, but will have limited use. Nuclear threat from North Korea, Iran, Russia and China have shifted the strategic focus of the Navy in the last decade. As a result, the South American military in the slack current time about 60 percent of its naval forces in the Pacific. Zumwalt is not very suitable for this kind of war, and in times of shrinking budgets less sense is launching three new destroyers billion dollars apiece, than, say, the introduction of various smallest and cheapest ships tested weapons and defense technology.

But the ship must still be very valuable and fundamental. At least some conflict that occurs on the «open water», for example, on the ground of the disputed islands in the South Pacific, is one of those with whom perfectly cope Zumwalt. The U.S. Navy also refers to the Strait of Hormuz, where tensions with Iran almost reached boiling point. Nedavneshny Pentagon report advises the United States to arrange the Pacific more warships capable of conducting amphibious operations in the coastal zone. This is done to ensure the Marines stationed there appropriate materiel for a probable intervention. If geopolitical action calling for the implementation of certain attack scenarios, for example, on North Korea’s nuclear facilities or Iran, Zumwalt — is a surefire method for the Yankees come without warning and open the way for the coming inland.

Oh and by the specific role of the ship is likely to be an «incubator» for all the advanced military technology — a kind of exemplary destroyer of the XXI century. Zumwalt is the perfect platform for energy weapons systems, such as lasers and electric guns. And just as a change in the last decade of global threats and budget cuts led Zumwalt in disgrace, the development of geopolitical events, maybe reclaims his return to the throne.

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