New invention, which can occur only in Asia


Edible Case for iPhone


Edible Case for iPhones, as you can easily guess, came up with the Japanese. It is made from rice crackers and costs 85 dollars. This case is incredibly fragile, but pieces do not need to throw away — they can eat. Although chew up a handful of stale rice for $ 85 … a rather dubious pleasure.

Pears in the form of children's sleeping figures

These pears can be bought in supermarkets Beijing and they are very tasty. The problem is that not everyone will like the idea to bite off a piece of a sleeping baby.

The robot for cleaning the screen aypada

Is it so difficult to take a rag and wipe the screen that it was necessary to invent for the operation of a robot? Someone thought that there is such a need. A device called Auto Mee S crawls across the screen smartphones and aypadov by rubbing them to shine. For sale is a marvel of engineering in Japan and costs $ 21.


This monocycle — the creation of a self-taught inventor of Chinese from Beijing named Li Yongli. Lee traveled to him all the Chinese capital in the hope of attracting investors and start mass production of just such monocycles.

A bag that transforms into underwear

In this completely insane invention uses origami and furoshiki (Furoshiki, if someone does not know — is a Japanese bath mat, turning into a multi-functional bag for wet clothes). Reusable bag is transformed into a set of bra and panties.

Points "Wake me up at my stop"

This super-gadget came up with a Japanese for their own use. The device informs the passengers around you about your destination. Thanks points, good people will know what stop to wake you up.

Warmer feet connected to the computer via USB

If the conventional wool socks are not enough heat, thanks to the know-how of the Japanese company Thanko, you can connect the heater to the legs to your laptop and work in comfort and warmth.

Phone confidence

This phone will not give you. Messages and incoming calls to your designated contacts will be safely hidden from prying eyes. If one of your secret friend call, the phone will alert you without attracting attention outside — slightly change the color or shape of the charging indicator, for example. Messages themselves are displayed on the screen will not.


This hybrid spoons and forks invented specifically for eating Chinese noodles. With this tool, you can pick up both the noodles and broth scoop.

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