New «manual» gun Lightweight Medium Machine Gun under .338 Norma Magnum

New and promising instrument occurs at the moment in each country in which at least a little the development of arms industry, but in the near future, only the United States can boast that their development after the short-lived but intense «running» are adopted and receive at least small spread. Faster everything behind it is not the vision of designers, and that the personal company, which, in the main, and are developing similar tools, just do not talk about their own troubles. In any case, not enough people would argue that the United States is now one of the favorites in the production and development of firearms, and particularly the army of this country occur in the shortest possible time a huge number of new products.

There are, of course, and a complete failure, as, for example, with a long development of «prospective weapons» infantry, sniper and still is not clear who, although many here with me and disagree, believing in the efficacy of smart munitions, which is contrary to physics. And it also happens that no matter how small configuration design has experienced not one dozen years guns give results that no one could dream. But in this article talk about the golden mean in search of the best guns, and when the result of the method and its merits are balanced among themselves, and no extremes. We will talk about a brand new light machine gun, which lately can be adopted in the U.S. Army. In general, looking ahead, maybe a new weapon «zazhmut» means, because it is not used completely standard ammunition, which means that the assumption of such a machine gun armament cost very round, almost spherical amount.

Has long been assumed that the machine guns, ammunition feeding x51 7.62 and 7.62 h54 outlived their usefulness as an effective tool and requires something more massive, but at the same time not exceeding the weight / size. In the United States justified ago that if the whole world is just a discussion, it is an occasion for them to act and started to work on a new prototype weapon. Played an important role in all this and that before the Yankees finally reached a common truth: if you want to beat, then your gun should shoot more and more precisely the enemy guns. It would seem that there is nothing supernatural in the knowledge that, in a certain extent even simple rules do not, yet, it is far not much is clear. Rather, far not all have the funds for its realization. It all started with the fact that the efficiency of 5.56 NATO questioned. The outcome is not forced himself long expected almost immediately many arms companies offered the candidacy of ammunition and gun under him, so long as the lead cartridge caliber 6.8mm Remington company. Was fully expected and what other standards should also get guns ammunition that would have made it a more effective instrument of the most difficult on the enemy’s ability ranges. And this year, the idea materialized into a fully working and has already completed the actual standard, which can be done soon begin serially after it relieve the remaining small aspects.


Refers to the model gun Lightweight Medium Machine Gun, which was demonstrated in May this year by General Dynamics. This unit is powered cartridge .338 Norma Magnum 8,6 x64, but do not confuse it with the Lapua Magnum, but talk a bit about the munition below. General development of machine gun bullets under a massive deal if taken too far is not new. Involved in this issue in almost all countries, including in Russia. Yet, the result is almost always went the farthest from the reference, the weight, the size, it still has some problems. In this case, the designers managed to make the instrument more or less remaining within reasonable bounds on the main characteristics. Thus, the weight of the machine gun with tape cartridges with five hundred and bipod is a bit less than 37.5 kilograms excluding mud, which, of course, more and RMB and M240V, but … But the effective range of fire had almost doubled and is 1700 meters, with all this we should not forget that the very efficiency and falling was higher.

But the introduction of the more massive ammunition leads not only to an increase in the effective range of fire and more than the effective penetration of the target, and to improve the impact strength of the weapon. To fight this problem decided by the proven system substantially similar to its own principle to that used previously in XM-806 machine guns. The fact that the machine gun Lightweight Medium Machine Gun barrel, bolt and gas operated mechanism have the option of reverting back. This naturally reduces the accuracy of guns, but there is a question of the machine gun, not the sniper rifle. Either way, the designers managed to organize the work in such a system similar Makar, so it is less influenced the accuracy, to the chagrin of certain data which could be said about the accuracy of fire from this gun yet. Automatic machine gun built on the scheme with removal of powder gases from the gun barrel. Gas cylinder located under the barrel gun. The barrel is locked happens when you turn the shutter fire from open bolt. So Makar, we can say that an instrument, in principle, no perceptible because analogs can result in tens, if not a munition and system rollback barrel, gas engine and the bolt group back. When fired, all this happiness starts to move in the direction of the arrow, which partly compensates for the recoil force, remaining the same amount of energy puts everything back to its normal position. But this is not the main feature of this system is the main «trick» is that all the time to be in its place before the subsequent shot happens, in other words, and after the 10th and after the 20th shot, the recoil energy will be compensated. Unlikely it was all cooperated with the help of the usual stiff springs, propping all design, and although data on this issue so it does not, I would venture to imagine that such a pneumatic damper. It shows and what weapons tried very trim weight and that pneumatics is more common in service if hydraulics. But this is just my guess, so that the absolute accuracy can not vouch. Maybe none of this would somehow built differently.

Powered gun loose from an open-link belts, belt feed only on the left to the right. In general instrument, despite its own weight, came out pretty comfortable, at least so it seems visually. Carrying handle gun is not installed on a bracket mount type «Picatinny», which covers almost the entire length of the housing guns and a bit ahead. At the very same bar mount can be installed different scopes, which greatly increases the efficiency of the guns on the far distances. Naturally, the open sights are the same, while they may be of many different designs. Gun butt has the ability to adjust on its own length, telescopic. Under the barrel, there are two folding bipod, which can also be adjusted for height. In addition, the instrument can be mounted on a light machine or be used on the same vehicle. Generally speaking, the gun went fairly common and do not stand out, apart from the compensation system and the recoil of the cartridge. Try to figure out what kind of ammunition used in weapons.

On the basis of the notorious .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge was developed its «relative» Norma Magnum. This ammunition is intended first for precision sniper rifles to fire at a distance of 1000 meters and more than. The main feature that distinguishes the two is the bullet cartridge ammunition, which became longer and heavier, which ensured her a highest ballistic properties. In order to keep the overall length of the cartridge using a longish bullet decided to slightly reduce the sleeve, which is reflected in the metric title munition. While bullets are performed only with lead core, but if the gun Lightweight Medium Machine Gun all the same will be adopted nomenclature ammunition increase significantly. Now the weight of a bullet cartridge is 19.44 grams, is fired from the Lightweight Medium Machine Gun this bullet can reach speeds of 800 meters per second, which gives it a parameter equal to the kinetic energy of 6300 joules. Also they say that soon cartridge cases will all plastic in the U.S. Army that will allow to significantly reduce the weight of ammunition, and in the case of a machine gun Lightweight Medium Machine Gun is a particularly important point.

Summarizing the article, it is worth to pay attention that gun Lightweight Medium Machine Gun — far not the only standard tools, which are used in more effective ammunition in relation to the common. Despite the preservation of fully applicable weights and dimensions of this gun significantly outperforms combat features of the past model. When this is achieved is not just design tools, and since the use of more effective ammunition, in other words we are talking about really indisputable advantages in weaponry. Naturally, we can pin that would be a pity funds for adopting new types of weapons and ammunition, and everything stays as it is. But with all this separately is worth noting that «they» is an instrument developed at least, as «we» until further discussions, with rare exceptions, it’s not coming.

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