New York and New Jersey after Sandy

New York and New Jersey after Sandy Facts

Two weeks have passed since the hurricane Sandy ran into the U.S. East Coast and left 8.5 million people without electricity. But work on the clearing of settlements, roads and beaches of loose debris, far from complete. This is especially noticeable in New York and New Jersey, in Coney Island and around Staten Island. A major force in this case are the team of volunteers who work on the clean-up of flooded homes and property saving surviving victims. Their work continues, even in the absence of electricity.

1. Residents of Breezy Point in Queens escaped after being taken away Sandy things.

2. Midland Beach after the storm, SteytenAylend, New York.

3. The only light in Queens — headlights from cars.

4. Volunteer brings sand from the yard, which was flooded.

5. So goes remediation in Rokevey Beach, Queens.

6. Volunteers at work clearing Rokevey Beach, Queens.

7. Residents, as they can support each other, examining the rubble near their former homes in Queens.

8. In the neighborhood of Queens, in the evening is still dark and no electricity.

9. Clearing the terraces of sand on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

10. Cleaning one of hundreds of homes affected by the fire in Breezy Point.

11. Employees naval U.S. units are also engaged in the aftermath of Sandy in Breezy Point.

12. Volunteers clean Rokevey Beach in Queens.

13. Hard work of volunteers to clear Rokevey Beach in Queens.

14. Mountains of sand in one of the previously flooded homes in Long Beach.

15. Mountains of debris, which left Sandy

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