Nicholas Old Men, Pleasures of European integration is more visible from Norway

Impartially observe how the citizens of Ukraine blatantly cheated and deliberately misleading stories about the "virtues of European integration", is not easy.

After the publication of the material on "storytellers-evrointegratorah" from Ukraine, I received many letters from different parts of the world. The essence of all of them is simple: the Ukrainians, you hang noodles on the ears! Talk about the sweet life in "Europe", arguing that the repetition of the word "evrohalva" in the mouth will be much sweeter.

One of the letters I found most interesting.

It came from the Norwegian capital. From there, the "charm of European integration" is much more visible.

Oslo homeless

"Hello, Nikolai! Just listened and watched the transfer with your participation "Accent" Ukrainian television about the "pros" and "cons" of European integration of Ukraine. In connection with this, very much like to comment on some things that I think deserve special attention.

I'm very Russian, but after nearly 10 years living and working in Norway. I'm probably one of the few that can not complain nor to life here or in Russia, where there was leaving and I do not have "no" hard feelings on both states. Since I am still Russian soul and this is my homeland, which each person is the only one, I am very interested in the political life of Russia. In this regard, I hope that my observation of real life "happy evrointegrirovannyh people" will be as objective as possible.

So, let's begin. When your Ukrainian opponents say they want the European Union, as TAM paradise and the general welfare, and in Russia, corruption, low living standards, etc., and they do not want to be slaves in Russia, I advise them to come to us here to Norway in Oslo and walk through the streets. I think that in any Western European country, too, can find that, but I can only answer for Norway. I work in the center of Oslo, and now that the year going to work I see on the streets of the "poor," beggars. They are from Romania, sit on every corner and gradually filled the entire city. This is not about a "poor fellow" who suffered a misfortune — a huge number of people who came here on such here "earnings." When the extent of "epidemic poor" was catastrophically large size, the local authorities have been forced to seek assistance from the Romanian ambassador, that he somehow was able to influence the situation. They say he walked through the streets, they shall be ashamed of compatriots and withdrew. As a result, the Norwegian authorities to urgently had to arrange for them to free toilets (for all live in the city, in the tents), mobile showers and wash basins to prevent epidemics are real.

At the same time, the authorities began to intensify the work on the adoption of the law on the prohibition of begging. If it will take the fall, and it is very likely that all this "evronaselenie" will be deported back to his evrointegrirovannuyu Romania. There must also be said that the first wave of these beggars "evrodruzey" began to arrive almost immediately after the adoption of Romania into the European Union. Where are the good wizards of Europe, which should help them to find the promised paradise of Europe?

Now the Poles and Balts. First launched their immigration (labor, and if you're lucky and permanently) a long time — after Poland's accession to the European Union and the opening of borders. Most of them consider themselves lucky if they manage to get a plumber or a worker on a construction site. And only there. Baits, because with them even worse. They compete with the Poles, but often lose out because many do not speak English and the quality of work they have worse. Therefore, the Baltic states are content even less interesting work. I'm very early in my work activities worked in a Norwegian company, staffed by people from Latvia and Lithuania. So they were allowed to perform only unskilled repairs. They all were listed on the balance sheet, the money earned is several times smaller than the locals, and that got them in an "envelope." In the end, they were driven without pay after what — that complaint. In general, few found a paradise, being integrated into the European Union.

Now the Greeks and Spaniards — one of the most "evrointegrirovannyh"
inhabitants of Europe. I recently was invited to a meeting with the workers by immigrants from Greece (asked a colleague) who fled their country because of the crisis and high unemployment is terrible. So they were willing to take any job, and the angle just to have somewhere to spend the night. It was the person really desperate people. It was hard to see how the local authorities tried to persuade them to return home and settle down there. Same with the Spanish. People with master's degrees, bachelor's in economics, engineering, and God knows where else, came to the local labor exchange in the hope of getting something in the sense of the work. This can all be seen here in Norway either on TV or in person, or read in the newspapers.

A recent scandal was just lit up all the local media about social dumping, opening in a respected company serving the airline. There found a bunch of "unaccounted for" immigrants from Eastern European countries, recently integrated into the European Union, working illegally for mere pennies. Does Ukraine SUCH European happiness? Abroad a good ride and look at the tourist attraction, but it has nothing to do with everyday life. I think that saying that we (in Russia and the former Soviet Union), all bad, and there (in the West. U.S. and Europe), all is well, has long ceased to be relevant. In this regard, I ask you, Nikolai, if you have somewhere in your speeches, one of the liberal "political analysts" and "economists" will give an example of the western paradise — advise them to come to Norway and look around.

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