North Caucasus data center opened in Stavropol

In Stavropol, was opened only in the North Caucasus Federal District North Caucasus data center. This is a significant event for both government agencies as well as for business and population North Caucasus Federal District.

Until recently, the platform for organizing and storing all those involved in the processes of information was data center in Krasnodar. Now such open national telecommunications operator "Rostelecom" and Stavropol. It will ensure that the needs of not only the land but also the North Caucasian republics.

"Stavropol region as a site for the data center was chosen, — the vice-president director of macro-regional branch of the" South "JSC" Rostelecom "Alexander SHIPULIN. — Here are actively developing telecommunications technology, strong management. Additionally, included in the Stavropol region Number 8 pilot regions on Public Health, which involves storing and processing the huge flow of information about the operation of hospitals and clinics participating in the project. "

The data center is located in the new building area of 280 square meters and can store up to 1,600 Tb information with up to 200,000 virtual servers. The computing power of the center is 13 Tflops.

Customers base for data processing is also provided link to access your own resources at 10Gb / s. Smooth operation of the data center supports two independent power supplies and 2 vzaimorezerviruemyh power transformers and air-conditioning system and monitoring of internal processes. From loss of data storage protects the powerful gas fire suppression system, and a system of information protection.

A virtual platform for the storage and transfer of data is allocated in the data center on loan. Rent can also be an application platform, access to the Internet, communication channels. Organizations can place indoors electronic repository of its own equipment, and install additional software. To help customers at the center of service will be running clock technical support.

As the first deputy chairman of the Government of Stavropol Krai Victor Wood Screws, opening a data center in Stavropol can give a major boost to the development and implementation of not only private but also public programs and projects in the field of high technology. "Today, in the Stavropol region implemented a unified state health information system, in which all hospitals in the region were merged into the secure corporate data network. Several of them are already working electronic registry, is an electronic medical record, an archive of graphical results of medical examinations, — said screws. — All information translated into electronic form, requires storage and processing, which is now able to provide a new facility. Services virtual storage may also be needed in the framework of the program "E-government"And a number of other projects on the information society."

According to representatives of the telecommunications company, the first customers in innovative data center is already there.

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