Northeast China in the power of blizzards

Northeast China in the power of blizzards Weather and Climate

In the provinces of China, located in the north-east, declared a "red" code of danger due to the increasing snow storm that brought a cold front. In Liaoning Province warning operates in the morning on December 3, in connection with which closed the international airport and interrupted movement of more than 20 express routes in the capital city of Shenyang. However, the freeway connecting Harbin and Dalian, will continue to operate in the conventional mode.

According to local residents, the snow depth has reached the ankles. Additionally, Liaoning Province, a blizzard expected in Jilin and Heylodzyane, lower temperatures ranging from 6 to 10 ° C occur in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. Together with snow in some regions, such as Tianjin, south Hebei and Shanxi, Henan and in a cold front brought heavy fog.

Despite the fact that the storm can not last more than a day, living in these regions, it is recommended to give up long walks and trips to not get hypothermia. Road services also will be working in emergency mode.

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