Northern Mining updates Railway Engineering

February 11, 2013 Northern Mining Metinvest Group has commissioned a new electric with dump cars in the shop on removal of rock from the quarry Pershamaiski. This railway equipment purchased under the program to increase production and Northern Mining is a strategic program of development of enterprises of Metinvest Group. Investments amounted to more than 46 million USD.

  • Northern Mining updates Railway Engineering
  • Northern Mining updates Railway Engineering

New rolling stock is equipped with 11 dump cars. Power traction unit PEI-1AM is 7500 kW. This will remove an additional 70,000 cubic meters. meters of overburden dumps in the past month. Traction unit is equipped with air conditioning and fire suppression, which greatly improve the working conditions of locomotive drivers and their safety.

Electric this brand for many years used the combine and proved itself as a reliable railroad equipment in open-pit mining.

At the ceremony marking the launch of the traction unit on the First of his career, CEO of Northern Mining Andrew Levitsky said: "As part of a long-term investment program aimed at improving the efficiency of production, reduce production costs, in 2012, Metinvest Group has invested more than 1.17 billion UAH. for the purchase of mining equipment, upgrade road and rail parks capital projects Northern Mining. The new equipment will also help to strengthen the culture of production, safety and working conditions. "

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