Now rickshaw can run on solar power

Now rickshaw can run on solar power Interesting

A group of Indian students from the College of Engineering in Dindigul was successfully performed work on the hybrid rickshaws that can simultaneously work on two types of fuel. One of them, gasoline will remain traditional and not very environmentally friendly, but the second will be a combination of solar and wind energy. But the gasoline engine will only be used during charging source of "green" energy.

This combination of fuels for a very popular means of transportation to the Indian city allows inventors to reduce emissions to 90% of rickshaws. This is a great result, especially considering that for high-speed and other technical characteristics of the object to no avail no adverse effects. Rickshaws remain as agile and maneuverable, making them indispensable for the settlements in India.
Moreover, for the new rickshaws will be enough on a single charge to cover the distance of 80 km with 4 passengers in the cabin. Maximum distance of 96 km, which is equal to the average working path rickshaws day. The presence of the wind turbine and the solar cell with conventional internal combustion engine does not spoil the overall look of rickshaws. It is also possible to use the previously stored energy.

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