Nowhere to retreat behind the Damascus

President Putin is the main task of his third term set to strengthen the country's sovereignty in the face of threats made against the Russian Federation, the United States and NATO countries. Moscow has repeatedly spoken out against the expansion of NATO, military bases near its borders, and the deployment of a missile defense shield, the destruction of Libya and the destabilization of Syria.

Immediately after taking office, Mr. Putin has conducted an audit of the Russian arms industry, the armed forces and made in support of the Allies. Mobilizing all available opportunities, he made Syria a red line beyond which you can not back down. For him the NATO attack on Libya is comparable to the Third Reich attack on Czechoslovakia and invasion of Syria, if it be the case, it would be comparable to the invasion of Poland, which began with the Second World War.

Any interpretation of what is currently happening in the east, in terms of the Syrian revolution and its suppression is not only false, but ridiculous in terms of real rates, and is a mere political statement. Syrian crisis — is primarily a stage of "general reconstruction of the Middle East", a new attempt to break the "Axis of Resistance", the first war era "gas geopolitics." What today is being played out in Syria, has nothing to do with Will Bashar al-Assad to democratize the institutions of power, which he has inherited, or Wahhabi monarchies of the Persian Gulf to destroy the last of the region's secular regime and to establish instead a sectarian government. The true goal is to establish the boundaries of the new units, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

It is possible that some of our readers shudder, having read the previous sentence. Indeed, in recent months, the media in Western Europe and the Gulf continuously from day to day drummed into their heads the idea that President al-Assad embodies a sectarian dictatorship supported alauitskim minority, while his armed opposition embodies a pluralistic democracy. A simple glance at the event, just to make sure the falsity of these statements. Bashar al-Assad first municipal elections were held, followed by a referendum and legislative elections. All observers unanimously declared that the elections were fair. The number attending was more than 60%, despite the fact that the West called it a "farce", and the armed opposition, which he supports, prevented the citizens to come to the polls in the four areas that it controls.

At the same time, the armed opposition has multiplied the power operations not only against the security forces, but also against civilians and all that relates to the culture and contribute to the peaceful coexistence of religions. First they killed the progressive Sunni, then Alawites and Christians to force their families to leave these places. They burned more than one thousand five hundred schools and churches. In Baba Amr they proclaimed an independent Islamic Emirate and established in it a revolutionary tribunal and sentenced to death more than 150 people who were publicly executed one by one executioner. And it's not just a pathetic spectacle of several political outcasts, united in the Syrian National Council in exile, proclaiming the democratic project in mind, which has no relation to the crime-free "Syrian" Army, which will not be able to conceal the truth. Besides, who would have thought that the secular Syrian regime, model which has been recently confirmed, will turn into a religious dictatorship, while the free "Syrian" Army, supported by Wahhabi dictatorships of the Persian Gulf and the subordinate regulations takfiristskih preachers will be a model of democratic pluralism?

Statements by U.S. officials about possible international intervention in Syria in circumvention of the UN, just as NATO dismembered Yugoslavia, is in Moscow anxiety and anger. The Russian Federation, which still adhered to a defensive position, decided to take the initiative. This strategic shift is due to the exigencies of the situation, from the Russian point of view, and favorable changes in the situation in Syria.

Moscow has offered to establish a contact group on Syria, which would bring together the States concerned, that is both the neighboring countries, regional and international powers. It is about establishing a dialogue forum instead of the current militant mechanism imposed by the West under the Orwellian name "Friends of Syria Conference" Russia continues to support the Annan Plan, which is actually a slightly modified plan submitted Sergei Lavrov Arab League. She regrets that the plan is not supported and lays the blame on the opposition faction, did not let go of arms. According to AK Lukashevich, one of the spokespersons of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Free "Syrian" Army, from the point of view of international law an illegal organization. And while it kills every day from 20 to 30 Syrian soldiers, she publicly supported by NATO and the countries of the Persian Gulf, in violation of the Annan Plan.

Acting as a champion of peace in the face of sowing the NATO war, Putin proposed CSTO to be ready to deploy in Syria "blue hats" at the same time in order to dilute the Syrian combatants and to overcome foreign forces. Bordyuzha, CSTO Secretary General, confirmed that he possessed 20,000 people to carry out this mission and ready to begin work at any time.

For the first time announced the deployment of CSTO peacekeeping forces outside the former Soviet space. Stung to the quick, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon tried to derail the initiative, immediately offered to arrange a contact group.

After gathering a working group on sanctions Conference of Friends of Syria, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ignored Russia's proposal and reaffirmed the commitment of the Syrian regime change.

In Turkey, the parliamentary opposition visited the camp of Syrian refugees. Parliamentarians stated the absence of more than a thousand refugees registered by the United Nations in the main camp, and another noted a large amount of ammunition and military equipment. Then they sent a request to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the requirement to provide data on the humanitarian aid allegedly granted to refugees. They think that the refugee camp is just a cover for a secret military operation. In fact, it contains militants, mainly Libyan, who use it as a rear base. The MPs have suggested that it is those fighters who committed the massacre in the administrative district of al-Hula.

This information confirms the allegations permanent representative of Russia to the UN Security Council Vitaly Churkin that the special representative of Ban Ki-moon in Libya, Ian Martin has used the UN funds intended for the refugees to be sent to Turkey, al-Qaida militants.

In Saudi Arabia, there has been a gap between the new King Abdullah and the Saudi clan. At the invitation of King Abdullah Ulema Council issued a fatwa that says that Syria is not the territory of jihad. But at the same time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal urged to arm the opposition, which opposes "alauitskogo usurper."

Day 7 June was rich in events. While Ban Ki-moon and Navi Pillay, UN Secretary-General accordingly and the High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed its claims against Syria in the UN General Assembly, Moscow has carried out two successful launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Colonel Vadim Koval, spokesman for the Strategic Missile Forces, recognized the successful launch of Topol missiles, launched from the Caspian landfill, but has not confirmed the launch of Bulava from a submarine in the Mediterranean. However, this launch was observed from the entire Middle East from Israel to Armenia, and there is no other weapon that would leave behind a trail in the sky.

The message is clear: Moscow is ready for a world war, when NATO and the Gulf States do not comply with international obligations, certain of the Annan Plan, and will continue to support international terrorism.

According to the information we have this warning shot has been agreed with the Syrian leadership. As well as the Moscow supported Damascus in the elimination of the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr as soon as the power of President al-Assad was confirmed by the constitutional referendum, just as she supported the elimination of wage militant groups operating in the country immediately after the election of a new Parliament and a new Prime Minister. The order was given to move from defensive to offensive strategy to protect the public from terrorism. The national army has moved in such a way to attack the bastions of free "Syrian" Army. The upcoming battle will be difficult, especially as mercenaries have mortars, anti-tank missiles, and now missiles and surface-to-air.

To reduce tensions France immediately accepted the Russian offer to participate in a special contact group. Washington has sent urgently to Moscow Frederic Hof. In spite of the statements made on the eve of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Mr. Hof nonetheless agreed to the Russian proposal. No more time whining about the spread of hostilities in Lebanon nor in the arguments about the possible spread of the conflict on the whole region. In the 16 months that have destabilized Syria, NATO and the countries of the Persian Gulf have created a hopeless situation, which now could turn into a world war.

Thierry Meyssan

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