NW Lotus has built support for LFA-1

By order of LUKOIL in the shipyard "Lotus" in Astrakhan, the construction of two reference blocks offshore platform (LSP-1) for the field named after Vladimir Filanovskogo in the Caspian Sea.


In the near future, thrust blocks will be towed to sea and installed at a depth of 7 meters.

The total weight of the two support blocks is approximately 5 tons. The length of each support block — 28,3 m, width — 23.7 m, height — 16.4 m The support blocks are attached to the seabed by piles 20, each of which has a diameter greater than 2 meters, and their total weight is more than 4 tons. Piles hammered into the ground to a depth of 60 meters and is expanded in the pile guide bearing units, which ensures secure attachment, which is calculated on the possible impact of extreme ice, waves and earthquakes.

Topside of the LSP-1, currently under construction at the Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association, will be installed on the bearing blocks in the middle of 2014.

LFA-1 is a production platform, designed for drilling and well operations. The platform includes the drilling unit to drill 11 directional wells with horizontal completions barrel operating system for the collection and submission of production wells in the central technology platform (CTP) and the energy sector. The total weight of the LSP-1 will reach 15.2 million tons. LFA-1 is connected by bridges to the transitional platform accommodation module (PZHM-1) and with CTP.

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