Ocean warn about earthquake

Behalf of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) At the University of California at San Diego (University of California at San Diego), United States, received a grant of one million dollars for the development of deep seismic network. The grant allocated by the National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation), Reports Associated Press.

The ships are usually placed in the ocean seysmochuvstvitelnye sensors that collect information over a certain period of time. A new deep-sea seismic network will become more efficient. The new project information from the sensors embedded on the bottom, will be transferred to the autonomous drone the size of a surfboard, located on the surface of the water. Then, these data will be transferred to shore via satellite. The researchers said the drone will remain stationary for a long time, allowing to gather more information.

Recall that in 2008 a group of scientists from Rice University (Rice University) And named Berkeley National Laboratory (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Has found a new way to predict future earthquakes. During the experiments in the San Andreas fault (San Andreas Fault), California, they were able to fix minor ground motion, starting already in just a few hours before the earthquake. The researchers hope that the new discovery will allow them to develop a new earthquake warning system.

"Around the World" series efforts of scientists learn how to make short-term predictions of earthquakes. Ineffectiveness of efforts in this area has led many geophysicists to believe that this problem is fundamentally insoluble or, at least, is far beyond the capabilities of modern science.

Source: Around the World

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