Off the coast of Mexico formed Tropical Storm Eric

July 5, 2013. On the Pacific coast of Mexico is moving tropical storm "Eric". It was reported on Thursday, experts from the National Center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami / Florida, United States /.

According to them, the storm is currently located 225 km from the city of Acapulco and moving toward the mainland at 19 kilometers per hour. The wind speed reaches its epicenter 75 kilometers per hour. According to the forecast meteorologists in the next 48 hours "Eric" can gain traction.

Earlier, at the western coast of Mexico hurricanes formed "Cosmic" and "Delilah", which in a short time lost strength.

Atmospheric phenomenon is classified in the U.S. as a storm and gets a proper name, if the wind speed reaches its epicenter 63 kilometers per hour. When the wind speed 119 km per hour and the storm becomes a hurricane.


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