On America could collapse a giant tsunami

May 17. California and Hawaii threatened by giant waves, such as those that hit Japan last spring.

A study conducted recently in New Mexico, at the Institute of Mining, showed that the fault crust on the seabed in the south of the Aleutian Islands can generate an earthquake of 9 points.

Earthquake-prone zone — Aleutian subduction zone is in a place where the edge of the Pacific plate goes under the North American plate. In March 1964, the collision of these two plates has caused the most powerful earthquake measuring 9.2 points. Then the victims of disaster are 145 people.

Now, the consequences could be much worse. Fears of scientists is near the area of the Aleutian chain of islands — the Seventy. There, at a depth of 4-5 km gap in the Earth's crust, formed after the 1788 earthquake. Scientists constantly monitor this area, all the evidence suggests that seismic activity increases. The location of the zone at depth in the event of an earthquake creates all the preconditions for the emergence of a giant tsunami that can reach even as far away states like Hawaii and California.

Scientists believe that the Earth has entered a new phase of seismic. As a result of the earthquake in Japan last year, the Eurasian tectonic plate moved 20 meters to the east. Moreover, the movement of the tectonic plates of Europe and Africa, diverging from each other, recently stopped, which could be the beginning of the reverse process — convergence.

Source: Catalogue of Minerals

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