On Madagascar, a new cyclone

On Madagascar, a new cyclone Natural Disasters

According to the latest information received from the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, within the next day on the line from 13.7 S — 53.3 E to 14.9 S — 44.0 E, the formation of a new powerful tropical cyclone. Wind speed in the zone reaches 45-55 km / h The system moves along the northern edge of. Madagascar to Mozambique Channel and continues to gain momentum. Pressure in the formation of a cyclone is one thousand millibars.

Fig. 2. Updated track cyclone.

Fig. 3. Track cyclone over Madagascar.

After tropical cyclone death toll Giovanna is at least 31 people. As a result of torrential Doges caused by floods, 250,000 people were left homeless. Destroyed 8 hospitals and 24 primary schools, 424 more schools and 39 health centers are flooded and not yet subject to exploitation. It should be noted that the data of the victims received only 169 communities (of 686). So, the victims of cyclone may be much greater.

Fig. 4. Satellite image of the Indian Ocean.

Giovanna their destructive force like cyclone Gerald, who in 1994 claimed the lives of 230 people. Malagasy is hoped that the new cyclone will not be as powerful.

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