On the East Kazakhstan tornado hit

July 30, 2013. On the East Kazakhstan real tornado hit! Huge crater managed to capture it on a cell phone camera area residents, who were traveling on the highway Ust-Kamenogorsk — Families evening of July 28, says "Time" in its issue dated 30.07.2013, the (E.Fomina).

East of the country at the weekend was at the mercy of the weather. Heavy rain, hail, and then a strong wind hit the region.

"Gusts of wind reached 28 meters per second," — told us in the press service of the Department of Emergency Situations (CSR) area.

It is no wonder that the people of Ore Altai, which caught the bad weather on the way, not only managed to take pictures of hailstones the size of a small apple, but a real tornado! As described in the comments on the East Kazakhstani local sites, rotating column-crater reached a height of a hundred meters! "The show was — as if in a Hollywood disaster movie: dark — and a huge tornado, dust around it, a whistle," — say the internet users.

The same day saw the air funnel and near the village of Tauride.

Specialists, meteorologists say tornadoes for our latitude — a rare phenomenon. According to the CSR, the information that people have suffered because of the tornadoes were reported.


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