On the planet of a growing number of victims of fires

On the planet of a growing number of victims of fires Facts

According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science from 1997 to 2006 in the world by land fires killed about 339,000 people. In only one in North Africa (region of the Sahara Desert) and south-east Asia from the fire and smoke kills 157,000 every year and 110,000 people respectively.

In addition to the direct threat of fire scientists note also harmful health effects of smoke particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers. Thus, during the atmospheric phenomenon La Nina because of fire and smoke from malicious killed 262,000 people in the world, during the El Niño of victims has reached 532 thousand, which is considerably more than the annual death rate of ten years ago (339,000). This jump is due to the negative performance changes in the Earth's climate, global warming and the reduction in the number of tropical forests, which are rarely spontaneous combustion.

Every year, fire destroys 350-400 million hectares of land vegetation, which is larger than the area of India. In addition to the atmosphere from fires is allocated a large amount of ash and harmful gases, accelerating global warming. An increase in temperature due to the greenhouse effect, in turn, dries and kills some species of plants, more frequent storms with lightning, and thus fires. Dry season begins earlier and lasts longer, which also contributes to a fire.

If the situation remains without control of relevant agencies and the public, raise the question of the critical situation of peatland fires have the greatest fueling global warming and causes respiratory problems.

Therefore, experts believe that it is important to pay more attention to preventive measures, working with the world's population and the development of various methods of fire protection devices to clean the air of harmful soot particles, such as room air cleaners.

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