Only Russia understands that the missile defense system in Europe as a capitulation

Vladimir Putin has said he does not believe that the controversy surrounding the American missile defense system could be overcome within the framework of the existing concept of the system, entered service in the United States.

Having recently completed a NATO summit in the first place is interesting because it puts the fat points in a series of colorful myths that have lived and live Europe. A number of them have already seen an unprepared audience, some still remains a matter of public policy.

The first of these — the myth of "free and united Europe", which is not only untenable in content but also in shape. Accommodation ABM infrastructure in Germany, which had the potential to translate into political economic ambitions, tied the future of Europe with the will of the U.S. administration.

The current format of a united Europe and so was painful and sickly child of a supranational European space infrastructure, which is no unifying principle, quite frankly, is not really carrying. The direct result of the Bretton Woods system, established as a tool of American investments and European financial flows, infrastructure, unified Europe — the EU, IMF — naturally failed all integration projects, becoming a breeding ground for supranational bureaucracy.

The collapse of the Eastern bloc, and the bipolar world system, which gave a second breath of European integration has provided a historic opportunity emergence of a new geopolitical player — Europe, not only single, but also a truly independent. The unification of Germany has brought the European area, if not the leader, the new center of power, formally free of obligations polukabalnyh actual occupation of the United States. Now we can say that historic opportunity was not used. The policy of extensive development, naturally led to a parade of nationalism border countries that are in the same space in addition to economic bonuses holds nothing.

The ideological emptiness, lack of a unifying, meaningful ideas laid under the construction of a united Europe mine that worked at the first signs of the crisis. History of the EU shows that the majority of its members considered the format of the "United Europe" from a position of narrow selfish national interests. France saw a tool for enhancing the EU's own geopolitical influence Limitrophe sought political and economic preferences. The exception is Germany, whose astonishing political naivete allow project participants to parasitize on the ideas of unity for a decade.

Similar trends are reviewed and NATO. Created as a guarantor of U.S. influence in the European space, as opposed to ATS, the Atlantic alliance was conductor of the American policy in the post-Soviet years. Past the last 20 years the military actions that are implemented primarily hands of European countries, have caused so much damage to Europe, who do not compare it with anything.

The second myth — it European security. Harsh reality for the European society has become final militarization European space. And this despite the fact that in Europe there is no conflict of interest that would have required a military solution or implied.

U.S. still holds in Europe tactical nuclear weapons, the total of which there are about 200 units. This abnormal situation was finally fixed at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in 2011. Declaring a deterrent, representatives from some reason are afraid to ask yourself the question — against whom the measure is intended, and whether it is justified in the absence of control over nuclear weapons on its own territory.

Infantilism as a form of political thinking in Europe has been fixed decision to place missile defense structure. No one seemed threatening situation where in Europe to establish military bridgehead nuclear missiles, violates parity of forces and completely alien to the interests of European countries.

The third myth — The future of Europe as a subject of international space. Frankly, the future of Europe is not clear to even the most inveterate optimists. In this case, the point is that the European establishment does not see an adequate picture of the present and can not formulate its future. Europe's problem is not unique and is not new, have concluded that there are no civilized formula — a set of characteristics, requirements, super-goal, that bring together, solder nation-states into a single community. Europe have liked not to set themselves such tasks effectively abandoning its geopolitical mission. Attempts to transform itself into a model of Atlantic as naive as meaningless.

It is caused primarily narrowly American principles Atlantic strategy. U.S. will never set ourselves the global goals of world governance, politically ignoring all that lies outside of the West and the East Coast. In this sense, U.S. policy is a classic capitalist model, which plays a decisive role (American) economy and the rest is a superstructure.

The U.S. is now implementing an understandable and down to earth model of the omnipotence of the plan, which eliminates the possibility of retaliation. The missile defense system is in the conception of a central location. America right disclaims any ruling class, any sense of interest in the further development of the world civilization, having issued its attitude concept of the "fight against tyranny." Universality of the model is to complete carte blanche on how geography and action at the same time removing what — or responsibility for the consequences.

Deliberate simplification approaches and ignoring global responsibility makes it impossible to be part of the American model. Of blind adherence to a purely alien strategy Atlanticism, for all its modern history of the European powers did not receive any bonuses. On the contrary, in accordance with the laws of the genre, the triad is really topical European issues — international organized crime, drug trafficking, terrorism — came to Europe as a direct result of the course pro-American policies. The defeat of Yugoslavia in the end gave a sharp jump in the growth of ethnic criminal groups in Afghanistan has brought the company shaft of drug trafficking to Europe, events in the Middle East and aggression in Libya — the uncontrolled growth of illegal immigration and, in the short term, the infiltration of terrorist Salafist underground.

Problems of strategic approaches

The first reason is a systemic crisis of European civilization is quite clear: Europe, still lives in the format of the Cold War, both in form and in content. The current political architecture supposedly united Europe can not become a cementing frame, as created entirely for other purposes at other times.

The content of the formula "United Europe", I think, unknown until now, and Europeans themselves. The absence of a set of requirements — in other words, what the Europeans — has led to the expected ethnic stratification, and the general degradation of European society. The problem of "policy failure culturalism" is really far-fetched — immigrants, so no one has provided the necessary set of requirements "just right", guided by the naive hope, they say, well, they will understand. As a result, Europe has received urban ethnic enclaves in depth criminal, terrorist infrastructure, the consequences of which powers have yet to experience.

On the other hand, by leaps and bounds socio-economic problems of rising ethnic nationalism that consistently crushes under her conservative political format. Get a situation of political deadlock — when the left wing is occupied without a strategic program of the Social Democrats and the right — the nationalists. The ideological vacuum naturally leads to a situation of political crisis.

The second point is deeply flawed desire to look at reality through the eyes of the winner of the Cold War. Recall in this undeclared war, Europe's role was the subject of geopolitical struggle with no chance of survival in case of conflict. The pursuit of such a model now — the main and final sign of the degradation of the European ruling class.

The third problem — pointless, superficial approach, the lack of public and political assessment of proposed "collective" approach. The situation with the defense in this case is the "benchmark" of the European ruling class detachment from reality. Speaking of the "southern" threat, no one even thought of to calculate the radii of destruction of missiles, to simulate scenarios of possible crisis situations.

The fourth mistake — biased, often arrogant attitude towards Russia, which again is based on the flawed logic of the "winners". There is a paradoxical situation where The Russian leadership appears baboutlshimi European than Europe itself, urging the latter to develop an independent position. Now coming to Russia range from the desire to weaken Russia at the expense of aggressive Salafi pressure to complete failure of possible cooperation.

The amorphous structure of the EU, the lack of a unified model of civilization, has led to a paradoxical situation where the common, albeit declarative course does not define center and suburbs — Limitrophe devoid of the historical past and the future strategic itself. This is a dead end in Europe, which supranational bureaucrats deliberately brought their country — choosing subdominant course, doing an imitation of completely denying the pan-European agenda.

The views expressed theses confirmed the latest developments — a meeting of world leaders at the G20 and past meeting in Moscow, "Iran Six" on the nuclear issue. The situation is extremely curious contrasts, and demonstrative imbalances evident even stranger to the viewer. Big Twenty evolved in the silent opposition of Putin and Obama, where European countries comprised in the position of poor families. Unfortunately, once again, it can be stated (in what is already time) missed opportunity to make new European diplomacy, in fact independent approach to solving the world's problems.

Now, in a situation of almost total absence of a common agenda between Russia and the United States, even declarative, but the call of Europeans would be well received by both parties, as a matter of further dialogue. Mechanical repetition of Atlantic abstracts can not call your opponents nothing but irritation, without giving any bonuses from the U.S..

It is perfectly demonstrated by the recent meeting of the "Iran Six", during which Iran has made clear it does not consider this as a promising platform for dialogue. The lack of meaningful beginning showed the absence of any submissions of the parties after the meeting. For Europe, this is another step in rolling the bottom in the global system status. This reality underscored Iran's declaration, which states that the possibility of a new meeting six international mediators on Iran's nuclear issue is not considered. In principle, the situation with Iran — is a litmus test of the adequacy of the European policy in the international arena. A situation where Europe is the main subject and the nuclear issue itself is a cornerstone of the ideology of a European missile defense as a locomotive, pushes back the major powers to develop its position. This requirement is going on the verge of physical survival, when diplomatic verbiage self-defeating. Tough, but fair verdict Iranian delegation, which in no time to practice in the nod, confirmed the sad truth — the current system of European elites does not assume the appearance of distinct, independent approach to solving the problems of their own security.

Perspectives and goals

For all its shortcomings, Europe has a strategic and an undeniable advantage — civilizational model of socio-cultural. The European way of development — the only possible scenario for the progress of all countries of the world. There is no alternative to this, and in the short historical perspective is not expected. The huge cultural, scientific baggage of European civilization makes its global value. Rejection of their role in the foreseeable future will throw to the sidelines current supranational Europe's elite and modern imperfect scheme.

The main objective of Europe now — to realize its leading position and role in world affairs. For the emergence of an independent Russia in Europe — in the face of the new leader, strong economically and politically alone, is one of the priorities of foreign policy. The demilitarization of the European space, joint efforts to address the common problems of the triad — (terrorism, supra-national crime, drug trafficking), the elimination of nationalistic hysteria border countries — common goals that unite Russia and Europe.

Another important issue is to develop a common strategic course of the Eurasian space. You have to be ready for the growing social and economic pressure from Islamic countries and Indo-Chinese civilizations. It is an objective reality, and uniting Russia with Europe.


The most immediate threat is now the prospect of a final dismantling of nuclear parity, by entering the U.S. missile defense system. This is a worldwide problem, as the effects of the aggressive policy of the United States, in the absence of any constraints can be catastrophic on a global scale. Now, in the countries of Central and Western Europe formed missile infrastructure, supporting a direct military threat to Russia. This situation, where the interests of any direct or indirect, with no powers involved, makes Europe hostage of U.S. policy, which in turn does not feel obligated to anything the world.

The results

Pretentiousness, lack of peer review and the complete lack of a sense of responsibility on the basic issues of public policy naturally led to the fact that Europe as a geopolitical unit is subject to the interests of the United States, and the potential field of a military clash. Blindness European establishment strikes twice, if you remember the events 20letnie ago, when a similar situation placement of tactical missiles "Pershing" has led to a massive political crisis.

The lack of any civic reflection "from below" political irresponsibility "from above", has led to a situation where the situation is inevitable crash. The only question of time and the conditions of course. The astonishing blindness European establishment, living in a parallel universe that allows you to put a question about the inevitable reformat the political class in Europe, the concept of the European and European values. The problem of the future of Europe — whose national class, will be the most viable and give new life to the overall design.

Unpleasant reality for Europe is that the European case will be resolved in the foreseeable future outside the continent, within a narrow bilateral Russian-American dialogue. Ignoring the NATO summit and the Big Eight — not as a slap in the face to Obama rushed to interpret the actions of the President of Russia, some observers, but a statement that the European countries are no longer masters in their home. Russia closed for himself a pan-European agenda in the format of supranational structures that now define the EU's rapid decline.

The new design will grow on natural geopolitical ambitions, successfully buried at the current stage of the system of decision-making in the EU and NATO. The economic potential of the German Society disappointment empty the content of the course Merkel, financial investments in the border countries of the economy, all of this locomotive pushes the power to think critically about their place and role in a rapidly changing situation.

Before the German elite now faces a difficult task to get out of the shadow of the Anglo-Saxon liberal ideas and the American managerial superstructure, creating the conditions for genuine political independence.

Russia, as an international player, in spite of all the sympathy of the first persons of the country to Germany in the European integration discourse is not involved in any way. Well-established, deep bilateral projects go hand in hand, outside of the general ideological context. Now the situation itself forces of the Russian Federation to the principles of change, developing a strategic policy of forcing through a new European ideas in the minds and hearts of the non-public, hidden from the media elites. Who Germany as a cost center, has become a hostage of the regression nature of the current European model, carrying a load of other people's mistakes and national self-interest.

In the Russian forces to point out the obvious contradictions between the interests of the European Community and the abstract of Germany, motivate the formation of own positions on European issues, propose solutions in the framework of bilateral relations. The structure of the EU and NATO is loose enough and quite realistic, even by the standards of our diplomacy, disable the security of a dead-end dialogue format with supranational institutions at the bilateral level.

Already, it is necessary to prepare the foundation of a new European house to replace the decrepit, subdominant, regressive system came hard, aggressive Eurasian Union.

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