Orthodox outlawed. Following is the Motherland

Orthodox outlawed.  Following is the MotherlandApparently, our government morally ready to outlaw the slogan "Homeland or Death." Yes, yes, the call made by going to certain destruction (incidentally, FOR U.S. TO YOU!) Our fathers and grandfathers, rising to attack the enemy's trenches, covering their bodies loopholes German bunkers, rushing for tanks with a bunch of grenades, ramming enemy aircraft. Or just with knives and sticks — that came to this point.

How else do you want to realize a decision Cheryomushki district court in Moscow on 21 December 2010, by which motto "Orthodoxy or perdition"(As motto "Russia for the Russian") is officially recognized as an extremist? List of Extremist Materials, which publishes the Web site of the Justice Ministry, added 40 pt, including and a ban on the word "Orthodoxy or perdition. "

This immediately raises the question to this very Cheremushkinskaya court (well, to the "expertise", he confided) and the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation: what on earth is the antithesis of Orthodoxy and Perdition declared this court (eligible, as it turned out, to create a "legal precedent") "extremist"? Who, with what feverish imagination saw this slogan — "Orthodoxy or death" — extremism? As you know, Christianity — the first and only religion in the world, placed at the head of attitude personality. The personality that will be mapped with Christ, with God. AND NEVER from the depths of Orthodoxy not proceeded calls for a "march to the infidels" (as it very often is found in other religions). In Orthodoxy — austerity (ie, only the "torture" of himself for the sake of the merits of the state of prayer). But others — "jihad."

Yes, Christianity opposed the invasion of enemies with weapons in their hands — but less so. The rest of it is endearing place only in a peaceful way — missionary. How many indigenous inhabitants killed the alien colonists in North America (the legal right which is now considered almost a prototype of world order)? And who are the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation was gone for all ages, "the Russian colonization" of the country from the map?

But in order to take the path of Orthodoxy and stay on it, you need to be alternate, do not deviate from it. Christianity — is not the result but the process, the actual way of understanding the truth of the Orthodox, in which each point before Christian gets truly "Hamlet" question — 'to be or not to be. " And at least some trade-off (even more so, palliative) is flawed. As Orthodox may resist the slogan "Orthodoxy or death" (well, not to mention the fact that she did not ruin for them is the crown of life)? "Orthodoxy or death "for the Orthodox — this is a kind of sign of faith.

And against this backdrop that looks prohibition of Justice? And the hunt to say, "Guys, you misunderstood something, something mixed up." Well, taking into account the event that we are in the country at 85% of Russia's population (and in the embryo proper — Orthodox), it turns out that the Russian authorities forbade Orthodoxy. What is called, "come." And besides, asks in the pages of the magazine "Russian House" publicist John Amelin that "now thousands of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the faith of the Orthodox — the extremists? And the soldier Evgeny Rodionov, not renounced Orthodoxy and murdered Chechen gangsters — also an extremist? ". Nope, I'm afraid the answer to that question either the prosecution or the court …

But in the middle of our vessels are not all the same. In April of this year (ie until the Cheryomushki court) other tribunal capital — Lublin — rejected by the prosecution on the recognition of extremist T-shirt with the inscription "Orthodoxy or death!" and the image of the Orthodox symbols with skulls. Tribunal took into account a number of examinations, the correspondent reported "Interfax-Religion," the creator of some of them, religious Roman Lunkin. According to him, the monks interpreted this motto as defending Orthodoxy as opposed to saving faith in the death of the soul without her willingness to turn to defend his faith until his death. As said, recognizable rock musician Konstantin Kinchev, often acting in a T-shirt with the inscription "Orthodoxy or death!" For him this slogan — repeating the words of St. Theophan the Recluse, once said: "I do not know who, and I do not escape without Orthodoxy" .

It remains to ask the Ministry of Justice (designed to improve both the legal framework of the Russian Federation) which he controlled, including specific decision Cheryomushki court, not the same Lublin, in their own "black list"? Either we triumphed case law peculiar to the Anglo-Saxon tradition (since it's easier to work all courts and the Ministry of Justice) — contrary to the views of 85% of the population?

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