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Internationally recognized creator of the dynamic method of protection is a German designer Manfred Held. But the M. Held, first visiting 90s Steel Research Institute, found that the value of this method of protection should be given to developers from Russia. In this he was assured reports on research on the effects of an explosion cumulative jet made even in the midst of the 40s scientists from MIPT and head of the laboratory tests Research Institute of Steel SV Zhuravlev. The official value in dynamic protection, fixed patents owned, but the South American scientist. First application for a constructive implementation of the DMZ have been filed in the U.S. in 1967. Start patenting process dynamic protection abroad depicted in Figure 1. At the initial step to this direction the most attention was paid to the developers of the United States, Germany and England.

Our answer is

By the early 80s Germany had already experienced dynamic protection standards that compose the tank MBT-70 (Fig. 2.). Broad front were working on the DMZ and in our country. The basic premise is not allowed Russia to get value in using DZ was stiff resistance supreme control of the Ministry of Defense of this type of protection. Chief Marshal of Armored Forces AH Babajanyan treated tank, including as a means to deliver infantry to the battlefield, and DZ with explosives on the armor did not fit into this concept.
Official work on dynamic protection in Steel Research Institute began in 1963 when promising developments in the department created a separate laboratory in which the puzzle was to study methods of protection with the introduction of energy explosives. Work on the DMZ were charged AI Platov. In 1969 under his leadership has been designed and successfully tested made mock ribbed cast the nose portion of the tank hull with DZ type «frame.» In practice, this was the layout of dynamic protection «Blazer» applied by Israel 13 years later. In 1978 this area became an independent department that is headed by the future director of the Institute of Steel DA Rototaev.
Neither the U.S. nor Germany nor the Russian Federation failed the first to adopt this protection for service, install it on tanks and apply in actual combat. The first time it was used by Israel in 1982 during the fighting in the Middle East. Israeli DZ «Blazer», mounted on tanks M-48, M-60 and Centurion, successfully passed the tests in actual combat criteria. With DZ still a fully fledged system used by developers remedies AFV tankoproizvodyaschih virtually all states.

The Middle East conflict and demonstrate real abilities DZ «Blazer» became a kind of catalyst works on the DMZ in. In June 1982, the Ministry of Defence put OCD «Call 1» for the development of RS for T-80 tanks; T-72B; T-64A; T-62 and T-55. Within six months, the dynamic protection was developed and installed on the main Russian tanks. Was immediately cooperated its overall creation. In 1985, the suspension set DZ «Call 1» with an element of dynamic protection 4S20 was adopted by the Russian Army.
Distraught pace, which was taken in this step development of the Russian Federation has permitted not only to catch up with the top contenders in the DMZ (Israel, Germany, USA), and far ahead of them. Already after 3 years in Russia adopted a new set of RS «Contact-5», which for the first time in the world provided the overarching protection from both the COP and from OBPS. Possible for our enemies so rapid modernization of the protection of Russian tanks was a very nasty surprise. Estimated zabugornyh military, it dealt a tragic blow their anti-tank defense, since virtually the entire arsenal of cumulative anti-tank weapons, which continued to be issued, proved worthless. Ammunition could not penetrate the defense even of old tanks such as the T-55. West took almost 10 years and billions of dollars to return the broken parity between defense and means of destruction.
Yes and Steel Research Institute is not in place, continuing to deliver adopt new, more effective, dynamic protection. Now the institute has several new complexes, which can be installed on virtually any armored and lightly armored objects and export potential of these developments is the highest.

For reference:
JSC «Research Institute of Steel» — the largest in Russia developer and manufacturer of all-encompassing protection systems: body armor, bronekomplektov, helmets, electric shock batons, shields, blast inhibitors, rentgenozaschity, fire protection equipment, protection systems encompassing the heavy and light armored vehicles and stationary objects. From 2010 comes in Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. Intensive interaction with the leads of «Kurganmashzavod» in matters of creation and modernization of protection for the BMP and BMD.

Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. — One of the largest integrators Russian scientific-technical, industrial and technological and financial resources in engineering both in Russia and abroad. In the management of engineering holding is more than 20 largest companies located in 10 subjects of Russian Federation, as in Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Serbia and Ukraine.
Production activity is represented by five areas: industrial machinery, railway machinery, agricultural machinery, special purpose machinery, spare parts and OEM parts.
Holding enterprises occupy a leading position in market sectors, which shows their products: mining branch, road and infrastructure construction, oil and gas, transport and defense industry, and agriculture. Machinery produced in enterprises Machinery & Industrial Group NV, used in more than 40 countries. Operational management of the group by the Company Corporate Governance «Concern» Tractor plants «.

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