Our universe may fall apart at any moment


15/10/03, the



In Glasgow at the British Association Festival of Science with a rather unusual statement was made by Dr. Benjamin Allanak. He works at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. Dr. Allanak warns humanity that matter in our universe, perhaps, is now in a state such that at any time there is a possibility of its collapse.
In its reasoning the possibility of disaster Universe Dr. Allanak comes from the theory of supersymmetry. According to this theory, every particle in the universe, forming matter, no one has a heavier partner with similar but not identical properties. If so, then the universe would be in a state of unstable equilibrium, that is, at any moment she might suddenly condense to form a gelatinous mass. Then in the universe instantly change all the laws of physics. The light will stop and the matter of which we are formed by our Earth and all the other bodies in the universe, will move into a different form. However, Dr. Allanak calmed the crowd, saying that the probability of such an event is about the same as the probability of winning the lottery for two tickets purchased in one week. However, if the universe has lived so far 15 billion years old, it does not mean that it will continue to exist.

"Interesting newspaper" № 1 (112), 2003

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