Passion to supply S-300 to Iran

Passion to supply S-300 to Iran
Fascinating information concerning the likely start of deliveries of Russian S-300VM to Iran comes within a week. With all this information, which is called every time exposed interpretations of not only the media but also Russian and Iranian politicians.

Briefly recall, what is at stake, you must first pay attention to the UN Security Council resolution and a presidential decree that was signed in 2010. Then President (Dmitry Medvedev), for weird reasons, decided to follow the UN resolution beyond measure, imposed a ban on the supply to Iran is not only offensive weapons, and the means of defense, which the S-300 are full-bodied and. Then Iran, with which the contract has already been concluded, to Russia, to put it mildly offended. I puzzled over loaf, and then declared that he would recover from the Russian Federation through an international tribunal penalty for non-fulfillment of a contract. More about this can be found in the article «Supply S-300 to Iran. What to do with the decree Medvedev? «

We must recognize that progress with the addition of Dmitry Medvedev S-300 in the «black» list, task burdened not only the Iranian side. In Russia, too, were perplexed and puzzled continue: for what purpose Dmitry Anatolyevich decided in a specific manner to supplement the prohibitions, even if and when the various «Arab Spring» have already started blooming in the world?

But let the motivation Medvedev and return to the same disk imaging that comes now. This information is then looks as follows: on the days of the Iranian salting in Russia made a remark that is hard to miss on deaf ears. Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi, namely so called Iranian ambassador, said that the question of supplying Iran with S-300 was raised at the talks. Around this time, more profound expression actually made the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry head Marzia Afham, declaring namely that the friendly relations between Iran and Russia have allowed to continue negotiations between bureaucrats and professionals in this way that our homeland was able fulfill its international obligations, and the C-300 would reach a compromise outcome.

Of course, the question itself renewal (or rather start) supplies to Iran antiaircraft missile systems from Russia now both sides open a discussion is difficult. And Russia obviously difficult. Why?

In 1-x, over the «Rosoboronexport» looming Iranian claim more than 4 billion. bucks, and if they believe the statements of the Iranian side: Iran’s request was for 900 million dollars, and more than 3 billion. decided to «add» the court itself … Well, who and how many padded, is not so fundamentally — fundamentally, that the amount ultimately drew more than impressive, almost twice exceeding the total turnover between Russia and Iran (turnover up to 2012).

In-2, a difficult situation emerges in the so called the «tandem». After all, if between Russia and Iran is now really beginning negotiations for the delivery of S-300 to Tehran, it somehow inside the Russian Federation will present … After all, do not believe our government is that within the country have forgotten completely about the existence of presidential law signed by Dmitry Medvedev prohibition of supply. In principle, many intrigued by the Russians could not be away, if through this decree just jumped, but just jump already unlikely to succeed. Very much it is sensational, so it is not to focus on.

It turns out that President Putin, if he is really ready to start deliveries to Iran anti-aircraft missiles (in this case we are talking about delivering S-300VM «Antey 2500» instead of S-300PMU-1), you will need to issue a new decree, which almost cancels legally binding decree Medvedev. Seemingly trivial confusion and vacillation in tandem manifestation obvious discrepancies in interest, but … Is this the first case, when the presidents (present and previous) play «today decided one way — tomorrow is another decided commercials?» Not the first, and one can imagine that did not last … True, we still have important distinction: begin delivery of S-300 acting president after the ban imposed on the delivery of the same previous president — it’s still not cancel mille-return and it is not a game of saving time. It is a question of foreign policy 2-people who hold top positions in the state. And the facts as if they say that the president’s foreign policy strategy with the prime minister are very different …

On the other hand, you can imagine that not so different … After all, if we remain confident that the difference in positions was previously and is at the moment, you have to admit the fact of the independence of the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev … And according to this fact, it appears that Vladimir Putin, namely, had the opportunity to give advice to the «first person» in those moments when he signed as principal decrees. And what about actually not had such ability, did not want her to have, or Putin’s position to supply S-300 systems to Iran was indeed identical with your «colleagues power»? Question, which, for obvious reasons, it is impossible to give a definite answer. One can only imagine that Dmitry Medvedev gave the play a «reset» with South American, God forgive me, «partners», and it crashes on the full program there. Only now, after this reboot the system hangs somehow becomes …

And about the start of deliveries — the beginning it has a high degree of probability. Especially since even the U.S. had to declare that they consider Iran as its new president of the government, which are willing to engage in an open dialogue. At the same time, journalists have caught even U.S. Secretary of State Kerry asked him about the fact that if the U.S. is ready to open dialogue with Iran, the U.S. European missile defense for what? Kerry thought a lot, creating something similar to the bellowing, but a clear answer and did not find …

Alexei Volodin

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