Pentagon drones

Pentagon drones
In future wars, drones constitute the main class of aircraft
Two or three years back the U.S. Air Force, faced with a severe shortage of operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, steel lure to work pilots, including pilots of fighter aircraft. But the field is rapidly expanding drone acts. Now as before the Air Force lacks about 300 operators, but the situation has changed dramatically for the best. In what way and by what was possible to increase the prestige of this relatively recent in the military profession?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are one of the main tools of intelligence for the Pentagon. The latest target of these «observers» were the Senkaku Islands — the subject of dispute between davneshnego China and Japan. Claim to the islands also highlights Taiwan.

Cramped military-political and military-technical ties between Washington and its allies davneshnimi in the Asia-Pacific region, have territorial disputes with Beijing, cause legitimate concern of the Chinese military and political control. Not so long ago, the United States decided to include the Senkaku Islands in the list of areas for which will be constant monitoring with strategic type UAVs RQ-4 «Global Hawk».

In addition, UAVs will be under close scrutiny of the waters around the island of Okinawa. Japanese military experts and politicians rushed to declare that the decision — proof Washington allied obligations towards Tokyo and clear signal to Beijing.

When pilots are missing

The main problem Command United States against the backdrop of a rapidly expanding field acts drone — an acute shortage of trained operators to the unit and motivated equipment. In the presence of high demand for UAVs and operators working with them almost no developed system of training professionals. Not debugged creation respective simulators and other equipment.
According to the analysis of the implementation of drones in the operation «Allied Force», undertaken in 1999 on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, the command of the U.S. Armed Forces and NATO came to the conclusion that the urgent development of methodologies and training programs for professionals. Yes, and then continued to prepare the UAV operators in the company — supplier of UAVs. This service is cut in full agreement, and preparations were usually on the ground training center and landfill development company. Part of the future operators mastered wisdom driving drill machines during their use.

All this was unacceptable for the operators. In 1-x, required considerable additional costs — for the price of training, group travel professionals in the training center of the company, the company where they live, travel, etc. In-2, customer requests themselves limiting the scope of the existing infrastructure, training center developer. Switching taken into service or in operation with drones combat missions for training and could not be considered the best: not just a drain on the resources of UAVs, and requires having a separate specialist staff instructors. No way out and remove the option to work with more experienced operators in order to attract as freelance teachers.

Several UAV operators, including the Pentagon, chose first to abandon the development and practical implementation of harsh training programs and increase the operator’s qualifications and technical professionals serving drones. Priority there were early intercession acquired UAV on alert — for working funds spent on them. Ultimately, in the midst of all the accidents and disasters in the U.S. armed forces with drones types of «Shadow» and «Predator», the share of incorrect actions UAV operators had respectively about 20 and almost 70 percent of the episodes.

Handy a couple of years before the South American military realized the need for more laborious preparation UAV operators, including the introduction of different types of simulators. On the development within the U.S. Air Force special center for training crews strategic UAV «Global Hawk» it came only in 2004. The operators of the payload for a long time practiced their skills to a greater extent in the process of practical flight.

Other heights

Due to the tremendous financial resources and extensive experience operating various types of UAVs gained U.S. Defense, translation process operator training drones for new organizational and technological level went rapidly. As posted in May this year in the journal article Unmannedvehicles «First fly, and then learn» emphasizes that the Pentagon has decided to halve the number of future UAVs procured and released funds for the purchase of various impose simulators.

In April 2011, the company L-3 LinkSimulation & Training Institute and North Dakota have signed an agreement to develop a joint training center for the training of operators of different UAVs. Center decided to arrange an airforce U.S. Air Force base in Grand Forks. The main taught here theoretical and practical courses focus on training professionals for maintenance of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) based on UAV MQ-1 «Predator» and the MQ-9 «Reaper.» The center will have the status of a civilian institution — the first on the ground the U.S., allowing professionals to prepare for the type of UAV MQ-1 and MQ-9. For the training of military operators in the gym center will establish special program targeting UAV operator training.

Company L-3 Link Simulation & Training is a developer and manufacturer of the 1st of the more relevant now in the U.S. Armed Forces inclusive simulators. Such divine operator training simulators, pilots and operators motivated load a single ALS or type 1 UAV. Refers to the simulator for training operators UAV «Predator» (Predator Mission Aircrew Training System), which is composed of the real ground equipment Fri control UAVs manufactured by General Atomics and, accordingly, the hardware and software part of the development of L-3 Link Simulation & Training, including unique visualization system, which allows to simulate with high accuracy geographic and climatic features of the major regions of the world. Database terrain constantly supplemented.

The basis of this imaging system simulator put development company betrothed Physics Based Environment Generator HD — one of the products in the line HD World. Innovation allows high precision and detail generate different underlying surface, including urban development, objects on it, and even simulate different, suitable for a particular site, is weather conditions.

Delivery of the first such simulator USAF was accomplished in 2005, then the developer has brought in hardware and software configuration of the simulator, which allowed him to cook at the same UAV operators «Reaper.» On this day, the company has supplied the U.S. Air Force for 26 such simulators.

War bots

In the process of mass drone operator training intensively and joined the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Latin American experts and writers on the aviation theme journalists note: in the near future in the midst of students of the academy there is an exciting trend — more than it received in the military school Yankees actively express eagerness to learn than a fighter pilot in the decades are the elite of the U.S. Air Force and is considered blue American boys dream, and … operator «air robot.»

«Disrespectful first consider some» amateur pilots «second-class pilots, remotely control the South American arsenal» lethal drones «, now get the status of full-fledged members of society … and Air Force are beginning to consider drones as a career ladder for yourself,» — writes, namely, the correspondent of «Associated Press» Lolita Boldorev. Creator emphasizes that future Air Force officers are increasingly considering drones not as an aid for reconnaissance and applying some clear counter-terrorism strikes as the main class of state aircraft of the Air Force in wars not very distant future.

Command of the U.S. Air Force developed and put into action various organizational and staffing measures and incentive program that should help to increase the prestige of the profession of UAVs and UAV operator motivated load.

Benign integration

Under the influence of an unmanned fever struck military and political control of the United States, the respective shift in consciousness occurs at a low level. For their own «piece of cake» in the state of development of unmanned aircraft programmke battle started the South American states, town, organizations and companies. Namely, before the end of 2012 U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is expected to elect the country’s 6 places meant to make modern landfills for testing drones of different classes and types of military, police and commercial purpose.

At these landfills will be assessed the organization’s ability to near-term broad, in fact, without any special restrictions on the use of air boats in the interests of civilian operators and private individuals. In February of 2012, President Obama, recall, signed into law by which the Federal Aviation Administration in 2015 should provide unthreatening integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace place. Documentation should be developed by August 2014.

Municipal funding to create polygons data is not provided — all fall on the shoulders of the state. But enthusiasm for the subject in America is very high — to «polygon» contest application filed 26 states. Still — it could bring millions of dollars of profit in the state treasury and significantly raise the level of technological development.

In general, the most important consequence of the project is that after commissioning designated landfills will be eliminated one of the main problems in the field of preparation and training of the operators and their UAV motivated load — a lack of authorized for this purpose the state of the air space and the difficulty in the matter of creation Mishennaia respective situation abilities required for testing, which is especially important for law enforcement agencies.

Vladimir Shcherbakov

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