People living in two worlds


Stories about travel to other dimensions is not such a rarity. However, at all times there were people capable of get back and forth at will. Of course, they were helped in this magical gift. Thus, in the jungles of New Guinea, there is a tribe oolugov, whose representatives argue that they live simultaneously in two worlds: in our world and the land of shadows.

Falling into a trance, oolugi come to the Land of Shadows, which is home to the descriptions similar to Neanderthal savages, as well as the winged monkeys and giant ants. In the Land of Shadows people can create a variety of wonders — for example, to jump to a few tens of meters in height.

According to scientists, oolugi and indeed from time to time fall into a stupor on their bodies wounds arise from nowhere, and there are knives in the hands, arms are decorated with purple crystals that produce heat.

The study of one of these crystals revealed that he has an extraterrestrial origin … And where do the trance? Journalist Vladimir Smeliansky talks about living in the Tver outback old woman, which the locals consider a witch. Once the post-war fall a young woman named Anna went on to collect a cranberry bog. Home in the evening did not come.

Neighbors rushed to look for her, but the search was in vain. All agreed that their odnoselchanka died. But ten days later Anna returned. It does not look like a man wandering through the swamps — the clothes remained intact and clean, no signs of illness or exhaustion … Only now Anna's eyes from blue somehow turned green.

In response to persistent questioning Anna told this. After earning a basket of cranberries, she decided to rest on a small island in the middle of the swamp. Sat down on a round stone. Although the evening is colder, he was warm, almost hot. Prigrevshis, the woman fell asleep and waking up, found that he was in some other place — around grew huge, not before he had seen her flowers, butterflies and dragonflies flying, for some reason the size of a pigeon.

And there were people, but not like normal — with green translucent bodies. They spoke a strange language and invited Anna to a round house, where she showed a large bowl. Inside it flashed color pictures. She saw a strange city, green men, flying through the sky with wings. Then the guest was taken to a small dark room, and suddenly she found herself on the outskirts of the village … Since then, her fellow villagers believe that she knows with the evil spirit.

Father and son from Leningrad who are victims of a poltergeist in his apartment, we decided to go south in the summer. In a train compartment poltergeist continued to terrorize them: Upper falling threatening notes, and in the vestibule on the head of a man collapsed brick … One of the passengers told these people that will soon be the station, where he lives an old man who can help in such dire straits …

A man with a boy obeyed and went down to the specified location, then long traveled by bus and on foot to the right of the village. The old man even about what did not. He explained that all the adversity — the work of neighbors who want to drive them out of the house and turned it to his cousin, the village witch. However, he described the appearance of neighbors. All coincided … Grandfather said that in the house will be quiet, and the witch would be punished. And so it happened. A father and son have recorded just in case the old man's address and stored it.

But then a piece of the address had disappeared. They began to look at the map of the village's name, but it turned out that none of them can not exactly remember it. Whether Sheburovo, whether Schebutovo … Nothing like that was not listed in the atlas. A year later, his father decided to take a trip out of curiosity to those regions with a friend by car. But in place of the village were only wood but the field …

Started asking neighborhood residents and found that there was indeed once was a village, but only a very long time, even before the war. About a mysterious old man, Sage also did not know anything … It seems that any one of the two parallel worlds (which may be, for example, the past or the future) is still a place for these characters' main residence, "and they go to the next a kind of "business trip."

How is this space-time transition, remains a mystery. It is possible that both measurements are a single reality, but most of us are used to exist in a limited area.


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