Physicists have discovered a new form of life



Physicists have discovered a new form of life
12.11.03, the



Scientists have made a sensational discovery. In the laboratory, they have some substance, which can be called a living and plasma and subtle matter, and a ghost, and, God forgive me, the holy spirit. Fans cheer mysticism.

Enthusiasts of all abnormal unexpectedly blessed very serious student, though, and Romanians. Our neighbor across the former socialist camp Mircea Sandulovichu from the University of Alexander Cuza says that he created a gaseous plasma clots behave like living creatures.
Scientific two electrodes placed in the chamber filled with cold inert gas argon plasma. A high voltage — between the electrodes flash of lightning. A plasma is concentrated in the areas. Each has two layers: the outer layer of electrons gathered in the domestic — positively charged ions, and between them have settled the gas atoms. Nothing shocking here like it is not observed. Although Sandulovichu immediately saw the similarity of the peoples of spheres with living cells. They are not distinguished from each other in the main: had a pronounced outer layer — some sheath separates from the environment.
The plasma is able to multiply!
Mystique wafted further when plasma clots literally come to life. Researchers have seen with my own eyes that the spheres began to reproduce by dividing into two. They grew up, "eating" neutral argon atoms, "digest" them, splitting into ions and electrons. Moreover, the scope of broadcast information to each other, emitting electromagnetic energy. Getting her colleagues responded by vibrating at a certain frequency. Is not life?
Romanians recently announced his discovery in specialized collection «Chaos, Solitons & Fractals» (Volume 18, str.335). And advocates of supernatural phenomena have not been able to evaluate it fully. But surely appreciate. And adopt. After all, they have plenty of hypotheses, according to which the ghosts, ghosts, UFOs, and even the human soul is just made up of some organized plasma — in his own way of living and reasonable. Just to prove it, no one can. There is no tangible evidence. None of the experiment. Now, it seems, there is.
— In fact, the Romanian physicists have discovered a new form of life — feel free to estimates Sergei Ivliev, corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences. — At the very least, they have shown that life can exist outside of biological objects. Of course, the resulting plasma clots is still very primitive. They can not even be compared with laboratory mice, rather — with the bacteria. But who knows what the result would become of these "bacteria", especially on the scale of the universe? Suddenly, somewhere in the depths of space plasma evolution of living has led to a highly developed creatures? That is, our brothers in mind may not be such as we imagine them. And what if they are already there?





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