Pilot missing son of An-2 received SMS from the phones father



Mystical events related to the disappeared plane An-2, continue to occur and disturb the minds of the Urals. According to the publication Serov "Globe", on the eve of portal users in the comments there was a record:

"Kashapov Ramil Hatipovich:" Yesterday there was a story. Mom called on my dad's phone was turned off, but 04.04 at 7:22 she came CMC that the subscriber has appeared on the network. On the same day, everyone started phoning her father, but the phone was switched off. But at 2:46 the night has come all this SMS! Help us to not let down all the brakes, it's just a very big clue!! "

Later Ramil Kashapov told "Globes" that the re-sim card was not, it was still listed his father — a pilot missing "maize" Khatipov Kashapova, and sons periodically replenish his account number. In turn, the pilot's wife is constantly calling for her husband's room, while all the time the answer was the same: "The subscriber is unavailable." And then she gets: "The subscriber is back online."

Now, investigators are checking if there was any re-sim card, it is possible to communicate with the phone Kashapova, and in what cases are to be reported, "The user is back online."

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