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Planet Nibiru — a byword astronomers, journalists and fans of all unusual. However, if you organize all that is written on this planet, it turns out that we are talking about three very different celestial bodies, all of them … for some reason called "Nibiru"!

Planet of the system of Brown Dwarf

According to some reports on the Internet, Nibiru — is one of the planets around some dark star, or the Brown Dwarf. And supposedly this Dark Star has five minor planets, the sixth planet Earth-sized, but the seventh planet is precisely Nibiru. In this case, it is not suitable for living and for there the civilization is a bit of a battle station or spaceship! Where are these facts, can not be understood — or anything resembling a telescope does not "see." But argues that when the dark star approaches the Sun, the Nibiru passes through our solar system and is the source of all kinds of disasters.

However, her visit to the solar system does not take a lot of time: a few weeks or months, and then it disappears from sight. Nibiru red in color, with a bright trail and flying around her companions. They say that Nibiru is the culprit of the craters or other cracks on the Moon and other planets in our solar system. She's guilty about changing the tilt axis and orbits. Because of her allegedly disappeared Atlantis: Nibiru has caused a huge flood. She — a link between our solar system and the dark stars! In the past it was known as the winged (or horned — who whichever you prefer!) Goddess, and it is reported that currently oversees NASA Nibiru SPT with the help of a new telescope at the South Pole (Antarctica is, or what?), And of course, nothing anyone says about her!

The fateful 2013!

The press has repeatedly reported that by May-2011 Nibiru will be visible to the naked eye from any point on Earth, and December 21, 2012, it will pass through the plane of the ecliptic of the planet and will be observed as a bright red star, like a second sun. Begin earthquakes and other disasters. But the worst, however, come February 14, 2013, when the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the sun. Then the poles will shift and tilt of the planet will change! Only after July 1, 2014 Nibiru will no longer be terrorizing our world and retracts away. A "knowledgeable person" from NASA and the CIA admits that two thirds of the world population will die at the same time, and still two thirds of those who survive, waiting for hunger and death within six months!

The most secretive U.S. government agency is well aware of what to expect, and is already preparing for it. The Vatican has the same information. The population will not be prevented, he did not stand a chance of salvation! Note, however, that in May last year, this planet is so close to us, and does not appear, apparently — and guess what else? — Delayed somewhere along the way!

Nibiru — it's a space ship and rescue

What else tells us the Internet, so it is that "Planet X" (Nibiru) — an artificial vessel that crosses our universe on a regular route under the guidance of humanoid creatures living within it (but not on the surface). Their goal is to try to discover the destructive phenomenon adversely affecting all life in the cosmos. They collaborate with their peers, several times destroyed hopelessly aggressive civilization on Earth in the past, so we can start all over again.

All the truth in the word SAR!

According to "nibiruvedov" (and we have and are!), The issue is in the Sumerian word SAR, which is sometimes referred to Nibiru. The word means the Supreme SAR government and is associated with the supreme god Anu, but it is also the number 3600, it is represented by a large circle. In general, solid "miracles on vegetable oil." Well, in a different context, it supposedly means "complete cycle".

Based on all of these inferences (it is clear that none of the proponents of this hypothesis on the board of the mysterious rescue ship, of course, was not!), "Nibiruvedy" report: the length of time Nibiru is 3600 Earth years. This explains why she has not appeared in recent years. Next is usually followed by the assertion that scientists so convinced of its existence, it has already given it a name — Planet X — The tenth planet. However, for other "Tenth Planet" — this is not the same thing as the giant rescue ship!

The tenth planet of the solar system?

In 1978, after a decade of stagnation, the talk about the "other", "Planet X" resumed with renewed vigor. The opening of a satellite of Pluto — Charon made it possible to determine the mass of Pluto, and found that it is much less than expected. This allowed a high degree of accuracy to check deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. After that, two astronomers from the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC once again talking about "Planet X» — now really planet in the solar system number 10! These astronomers — Robert Harrington and Tom Van Flandern suggested that it is 3-4 times the size of Earth. Moreover, its orbit must have a high eccentricity, and that its period of rotation around the sun is very high.

What devastating consequences for the Earth it has, of this discovery is unclear, but in 1982, NASA has officially recognized the possibility of the alleged existence of Planet X, saying that there is far outside the main planets do have some mysterious celestial body. A year later, just launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted in the depths of outer space a large mysterious object. The newspaper "Washington Post" published an interview with Gerry Neugebauer of Laboratory Jet Propulsion (CA), which stated: "The heavenly body may have the same large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly located so close to Earth that it is part of our solar system, was discovered by orbiting telescope towards the constellation of Orion … The only thing I can tell you that we do not know what it is. "

And things are there!

In subsequent years, searching for Planet X gave little new information. The obtained data seem to confirm that the planet X is three to four times the size of Earth, that its orbit is probably inclined to the ecliptic by 30 degrees, and it's removed from the Sun at a distance of three times greater than the distance from Earth to Pluto. In 1987, NASA has made an official statement in which it once again recognized the possibility of its existence.

In the U.S. magazine "Newsweek" reported: "Last week, NASA has spent in its Research Center in Ames (CA) press conference in which it was done is a very strange statement, it is possible that the sun revolves around some kind of eccentric tenth planet. Keynote speaker, a member of NASA's John Anderson suggested that "Planet X" is here somewhere, but not near the other nine planets. If he is right, then it may turn out to be unraveled two of the most interesting mysteries of the cosmos:

1) What accounts for the marked in the XIX century, the mysterious deviation of the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.

2) What has caused the death of the dinosaurs 26 million years ago?

It is 23 years, but "nothing has changed", and none of these secrets are still not solved!

And at the end of the 1980s in scientific journals began a campaign against the theory of the existence of "Planet X», and NASA began to invest more in the creation of expensive telescopes. Campaign against the theory of "Planet X" was headed by a number of scholars, however, proponents of Nibiru with their arguments do not want to accept. For example, when they are told that during the formation of the solar system to create it simply would not have enough material, they respond that the Sumerians and Babylonians, they say, makes it clear that Marduk — "Planet X" was the solar system from the outside! And it's nothing to object to it, is not it?


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