Poland asks refuge in Germany

Poland asks refuge in GermanyRadoslaw Sikorski (head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), called on Germany to bail out the Eurozone, adding that if there is a crash Euro, it will be "the greatest threat to Poland."

With all of this Polish press, said that the performance premiere in Berlin, it was very exciting and fulfilling.

Sikorski commented: "The collapse of the euro zone — is overriding threat to the prosperity and security of the whole of Poland. That's why I bezotstupno demand from Germany, so that helped us out. And you know what if it will not do you, then no one. I think I am the first Foreign Minister of Poland, which this is utter — I'm not so afraid of German power, as German inactivity. "

As of today, Poland not considered part of the eurozone, but its currency (Zloty) is very attached to euro, in general as well as the currencies of countries outside the EU. After the "first wave" of the crisis (global) Poland was among the few countries whose GDP is not dipped, but on the contrary even increased (2008, 2010). These results have been achieved only by increasing the competitiveness of the industry and the cheapness of its own, as a "soft devaluation" of their currencies. But external debt, with all this, has doubled.

It should be noted that if Germany will not agree to those steps that it pushes the European bureaucracy, the status of euro Currency euro and the entire system can be in a very forthcoming "fall down". And this is for Poland represents a complete breakdown of all the strategic plans that were implemented last two years, the 10-ka, and of course the loss of all existing advantages of its position in the current time.

R. Sikorski's speech differed frank nervousness, and it confirms and underlines the fact that the situation in the European Union is developing rapidly, faster than expected (weather professionals).

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