Poland offers a new version of the Russian helicopter modernization of production

Poland offers a new option of upgrading the Russian-made helicopters

Warsaw Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL) developed showed them the option of upgrading the cockpit for the attack helicopter Mi-24 multipurpose Mi-8/17.

The package for the Mi-24PL is based on the modernization project, designed for combat support helicopter W-3 "Glushets" with the company «PZL Swidnik" (a division of "Agusta / Westland") under a contract with the Ministry of National Defence Poland, reports, "Jane's Defence Weekly."

For the new package E-24PL proposed board system Planning tasks and built-in system Avionics (Zintegrowany System Awioniczny — ZSA), consisting of navigation and control communications (ZSL), ITWL developed and installed on the helicopters' Glushets. "

The package provides for equipping the workplace Pilot indicator on the front glass Cockpit 4000 the company «CMC Electronics". The operator of weapon systems will also be provided with the display system data.

ITWL also revealed a proposal to modernize the cockpit Mi-8/17. Specifically, the machine will be equipped with an automatic navigation equipment, providing search and rescue operations in combat criteria (CSAR). Helicopters will be equipped with systems for data exchange standard "Link-16."

Most of the systems developed for the project "Glushets", the currently approved for use CB Poland, except for "Link-16." Helicopters "Falcon", upgraded to version "Glushets", also equipped electro-optical turret surveillance system "Toplayt" Company "Raphael." The first four cars of this type are ready for delivery to the 56th regiment of combat helicopters, of which after conversion to the brigade will include E-24, "Glushets" and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the middle of other areas of modernization of Mi-24 NE Poland — Installation of modular container sets of self-defense "Terma."

Operated in Afghanistan E-24W currently being rehabilitated optoelectronic station interference CT-01AV "Adros" (Ukraine) to counter missiles with infrared homing. Helicopters will be able to carry a 70-mm unguided rockets of "Mesko", guided missiles, and perhaps, a new anti-tank missiles. Two years back the anti-tank "Spike-ER» Company "Raphael" and Ukrainian rocket CB "Ray" was seen as the likely choices, but the final decision was taken.

ITWL and plant WZL-1 is also working on a new installation on helicopters engines TV3-117VMA-SBM1V of "Motor Sich".

At the current time in service with armed forces of Poland has 15 attack helicopters Mi-24W, including 6 deployed in Afghanistan, and about 20 Mi-24D. Expected E-24W will remain in service until 2024-2026 years. Poland wants to INR 2018 purchase of 26 new vehicles and special helicopters. As stated, this party will be Western-made cars.

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